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  1. Excalibur

    I need a pro map maker.

    Unprotecting a map is not considered acceptable from the standpoint of most of the customs community, however we are trying to promote open source mapping. However people who rig or edit without any regard for balance or keeping credit are the reason this effort is being met with a lot of resistance. If your going to edit a map, especially a protected one, always try to improve the map, and do not take credit for anything you did not do. Good luck with this.
  2. Excalibur

    Ongoing Depression

    I see this topic is a couple weeks old but i figure with things being how they are in your life you are more than likely still not ok. Id like to see if theres anything i can do here, as ive dealt with my share of depression, if not more. In the past ive had the focus of my life on a single thing, it was everything to me and there was nothing else outside of it. When that thing fell through i cant say i was in a good spot. I was very depressed, i couldnt handle anything, stayed in bed for nearly all of the day, and communicated with no one. I didnt want to do anything, and my parents for once seemed to notice that i exist when i wasnt eating much. I cant say they were genuinely concerned but they tried something approximating it. I didnt care, the one thing holding me together and my reason for waking up every day was gone. And i wanted to die. I found no joy in anything, no one could really talk to me. Not that id ignore them but id have no motivation to respond or reason what was being said to me. I could be read my death warrent and simply stare, blank faced. It wasnt healthy in any sort and it seemed as though that was all id ever be until my mind finally dawned on the fact that i could end it myself. I considered cutting but decided it would have been too easy to be found out, and i was never a dumb kid, even when i was an effortless blank slate of my former self, i knew if anyone was to get inside my head that didnt understand me, id be locked up and put on a pill of every color. And i just might have, but i had someone care enough to get me out of it. I cant say theres any one certain thing that needs to be said or done to get someone to regain their will to live after its been so badly hit. Somehow, a friend i had acquired after the summer of the incident, managed to help me. I dont know what she did or said that worked but i once again seemed alive. Awake. I had some sort of hope or something approximating it. So i wonder now what there is i can say to help, what can be said by anyone. The long and short of it is no one sentence is going to get you out of this. As much as i wish i could, because i know what its like to be there. The best thing you can do is try to keep being blank until your ready to be back to your old self. And maybe you think your ready now, but something inside may still be holding you back. The depression only subsides when it knows that its done what it came to do, and what it does is make an impact. When it can no longer do that, when we no longer enable it to keep its hold on us, we move past it. Which admittedly is very very difficult. Theres not going to be any easy way out or magic moment. But it will be over sometime, hopefully before you reach the end of your endurance. The edge is a scary place to be, and im glad i was able to step back. Talk with anyone you can when ever you need someone there, just simply letting words flow from you can do some good. I hope you get through this, and i hope my words have helped a bit, if at all.
  3. Excalibur

    Vampiric Theory

    I have the combined opinion of a multitude of sites, some community leaders from there have been on the history/discovery channel, A&E, and interviewed specificly on this issue. I think its not very well publicized, which i would rather it not be, but it is, which is good enough i would think.
  4. Excalibur

    Vampiric Theory

    The highgate vampire story was nothing but junk. Ive read the story over before.
  5. Excalibur

    Vampiric Theory

    The post above: I respect your standpoint. Some people need a basis with some backing in science or medicine, and i regret that i cannot give it. As per why, we have no answer. As stated.
  6. Excalibur

    Vampiric Theory

    Pre-Warning: The following is in accordance with my beliefs on Vampirism and is not anything that i claim to be proven medically, because quite frankly it hasnt. All following statements are either subject of opinion or of collaborative vampiric research done by me or my fellows. So, Vampirism, trying to start up some roleplaying here? Ofcourse not. Let me start by explaining: Vampirism as I and those iive spoken with on the topic agree it to be, is far different from what you see in a movie or read in a book. The resemblence is much slighter and frankly the using of the word Vampire is nearly shooting ourselves in the foot. But let me begin: Vampires are real, living people. Just like you or I. There are no fancy powers, murder in the middle of the night for a snack, no fangs, garlic, holywater, crosses, silver, ect, so please dismiss that from your heads. Living, everyday, non-immortal people that you see in your day to day life could be a vampire, and you would never know. Imagine a buisness man in a suit. He goes about his day like everyone else. Wakes up in the morning tired like us, goes to work and gets shit from his boss, like us, and he comes home and wants to relax, like us. Hes no different in any extra special sense that anyone would ever notice. Except, he has a secret. A physical dependance on blood or energy. This is the basic point on where we divide Vampirism: Psi or Sang. Sangunarians or Sangs as they are for short are the blood feeding vampires. Theres no bite, no murder, none of that. Its done either from beef blood bucher bought or from a small cut on a willing donor. Donors are respected, willing, and never harmed. You dont hurt the people that allow you to survive day to day. My knowlege on Psi Vampires is little, so ill be breif here: Psi Vampires feed through the use of auras which they are able to see, as every living thing has one. The exact process of how it is done i could not say, as i have never experianced it. Ive read of others and though it varies a little from person to person, a general agreement is with the merging and seperation of the aura of both Psi and donor. Now, your asking how do you know this? Why is this anything more than what youve pulled out of your head? Two years ago in the summer of 2005 i stumbled on DD&D (Link) . That site taught me what i know, and i know they are credible from my research around the various points of the intarweb. Ive spoken with everyone from doctors to roleplayers and vampires themselves. And through this, ive always always asked questions. What i find to be is that the roleplayer/media vision of a vampire cannot physicaly be possible, while those who claim to be the real version agree on the symptoms and effects, which ill go into here. Vampirism varies heavily from person to person, as conditions usually do. Photosensitivity, inablility to sleep at night due to feeling suddenly awake, hightened senses of night-vision and hearing. (Within reasonable bounds mind you.) All symptoms. However one is universal that defines the condition: A physical dependance on blood or energy. This isnt an obession or fetish, though people out there do have such habits as blood drinking, the difference is the actual need, not for enjoyment of any sort. Theres @#$% more i could add on what ive learned but i think this draws out a basic outline for what im saying. The link i provided in my post about where i learned has pages worth of information. Side Note: It is my experiance that GC cant conduct itself in a non-flamming manner when discussing things. This thread was between me and Ghozt to be testament to that belief. I really really wish i could say that you were going to prove me wrong, but i doubt it. I dont have a source beyond the places where i have learned: http://www.drinkdeeplyanddream.com/ http://truevampires.wetpaint.com/ http://postawakening.com/intro.htm
  7. Excalibur

    [Wiki] project:Naruto Butai

    Naruto sucks. I demand it is taken down for being an extremely terribe anime.
  8. Excalibur

    StarEdit.net is Coming back!

    Id just like to state for the record: The SEN your getting isnt the SEN you once loved. I dont want to go into detail and i know people arent going to take that the way i mean it, but thats quite simply all im going to say.
  9. Excalibur


    Why should anyone surpress their love or attraction to someone? Who puts you in charge to decide the right and wrong of someone elses life? Or the right and wrong of people's lives in general? Trying to play god are we? rofl Yeah, keep working at that. Your entire arguement is based on the fact that you, or the majority, is always right. That isnt so. And before someone yells "DEMOCRACY LOL MAJORITY WINNAR", not every country has a democracy. Are we so pompous as to think we're right about everything in this country? I would hope not, i would think us better, i would think us more open minded to our all too human faults. It seems that no one here has brought fourth an arguement that doesnt: A. Hold the assumption that they are right and cannot be wrong, or that the general opinion cannot be wrong. B. Use the bible for one purpose or another C. Act like the USA way is always the right way.
  10. Excalibur


    All fine and dandy i was just curious as to your basis, but whatever.
  11. Excalibur

    Starcraft Patch 1.15.1

    I would think it a bit selfish, mineral hack was what i enjoyed most about 1.15.0.
  12. Excalibur


    Opinions are usually based on fact. What is your basis for this? Your previous post had me confused on this, now that thats cleared up, were pretty much ok here.
  13. Excalibur


    Your wrongheaded in your thinking here. Ive never been abused in any way, and as said in my post before, i didnt choose to be attracted to men. Your thinking seems to imply that not talking about it fixes the problem. You think if you dont have to say that you dislike gay people that it doesnt matter that you feel that way. Thats incorrect. Even if you dont tell anyone, you still know. And even if your okay with that, you cant act like it isnt there.
  14. Excalibur


    v.v This topic for the most part makes me absolutely sick. For starters, im Bisexual, and im happy with that. Further im an atheist, and so any arguement you give me about what the bible, god, or anything along those lines says is pure rubbish in my eyes, and does nothing. I didnt make the choice to be bisexual, even though i am happy with myself, i didnt wake up one day and say "Hmmmmm i think im going to like guys too now.", it just doesnt happen like that. It was a couple of years ago when i was going from just being a kid to becoming sexually aware of myself. I noticed that even though i was very much attracted to girls, i was also attracted to guys. I didnt decide to be, i just was. And for a long time, being that i was younger and it wasnt 'normal' to like guys, i left it alone. A few years later i became attracted to my best friend, and it was the first time i had ever talked to anyone about my attraction to men. Luckily he wasnt some bible freak like SOME people in this topic, and understood. Most of my close friends know about my sexual orientation, and they accept me for who i am. In closing i have the following to say: Even if i dont believe in the bible, a lot of people here seem to. And does not the bile say to love thy fellow man? Does the bible say love your fellow STRAIGHT man? No. It says your fellow man, and you are to love him, accept him, and have compassion for him. Nowehere does the bible command you to condemn those who are different than you. Jesus in the bible ate with the leppers, he immersed himself in those looked upon as unclean, the unaccepted, the outcasts, and he had love for them. Despite the opinions of the general public, he still loved them as his fellow man. Something you all seem to fail to be doing. I cannot fathom how people see it so fit to condemn people for how they are. Love is love. I dont care if its two women, two men, or a man and a woman. Love is love.
  15. Excalibur

    NEW Patch Wait and read this

    Pfft. When blizzard says 'patched' they mean 'Please stop, we fired all of our SC staff and have no idea how to stop you.'