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  1. CaptainLlama

    What Do You Think Is The Best Hack There Is Out There?

    Private Stigmata. Easily.
  2. CaptainLlama


    Closed x2 :)
  3. CaptainLlama

    Class Sign-up Form!

    Name: Mike AIM: ElHibernatingCow Email: [email protected] Why: Programming is fun and useful
  4. CaptainLlama


    For example: -drop anyone (selectively and it is consistent) -be able to switch slots with ANYONE when you're host (including comp, great for rpgs :)) -stats hack -race changer for all slots -keep all text on the screen for as long as you want and more!
  5. CaptainLlama

    Zerg Mineral Hack

    lol ty :)
  6. CaptainLlama

    [1.13f] OSMAP_v1.01

    It can unprotect the maps, but some maps still aren't editable because of a unit overflow or some other such error, however, these are few in number.
  7. CaptainLlama


    Yeah, it's like my version of private stigmata :)
  8. CaptainLlama

    Admin for school w/ extra info!

    Damn, my school uses windows 2000... anyone know how to get Admin on them?
  9. CaptainLlama


    Hehe nice :(
  10. CaptainLlama

    Why Do We All Play Starcraft?

  11. CaptainLlama

    [1.13f] Panic v1.01

    It could work online, but only if everyone in the game had the hack and had the speed on the same setting.
  12. CaptainLlama

    Help Loading Hacks

    Download newest version of inhale and stick all the files in the folder w/ annilhation, then double click the loader to load sc and inhale and annihilation.
  13. CaptainLlama

    Zerg Mineral Hack

    Then don't use it.
  14. CaptainLlama

    Nintendo Revolution Release/download Service...

    The only thing I think will probably be annoying (but possibly cool) is the dual-controller format, it looks kinda wierd.
  15. CaptainLlama

    Get Wow For Free!!!

    Will this still work if I already have WoW?