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  1. Happy Birthday!! again lol

  2. Happy Birthday!!

  3. Zero


    How we think of life and what life really means leaves plenty of room for discussion. So I am throwing life out the window. As for death, death is prolonged by the amount of knowledge we possess. As humans eventually grow smarter, so do our lifespans. Since there is no known limit to our knowledge, we may one day overcome death. So this is a fact that is certainly waiting to be changed. As for your philosophy, that is a good one to go by that many people don't.
  4. Zero


    Fact - something that actually exists; reality; truth Truth - real; genuine; authentic Real - actual as opposed to possible or potential With the core of what a fact really is, is there something that never has an alternative? Give me an example of a fact that is the "actual," and has no "possible" or "potential." With words being nothing more then just sounds or letters representing thoughts or feelings, is what you typed the actual fact? Since we only have 5 senses, can we perceive every stimuli dealing with the so called fact? Since our knowledge of our surroundings is incomplete and still growing, is this something that our knowledge of can not change? If your "fact" can have an answer of yes to all these questions then it is a fact that will never change and will never be proven wrong, but to be proven wrong is to have a shred of evidence against the "fact." While to prove something right means that there is absolutely no evidence against the "fact," and also evidence in favor of the "fact." So what is your fact with no evidence against it, and evidence for it, and a answer of yes to all the listed questions?
  5. Zero


    Here is something you should think about when thinking. Facts are just current beliefs waiting to be proven wrong. Someone famous has bound to have said something similar to this, but for all I know, this is something that I came up with. What do you think in regards to this?
  6. Zero

    Assassin's Creed

    This is something that Ubisoft has actually announced and not more rumors right? I do believe it, but magazines do lie about things like this sometimes stating that it was announced when it hasn't been. Ubisoft still only has it listed as a PS3 game only so that either means that the magazine twisted facts or that they have not updated their site yet. I'm going with the second of the two but the first of the two wouldn't surprise me.
  7. Zero

    PS2 Emulator

    Anyone know if and where I can find a PS2 Emulator for the computer that will actually play newer PS2 cds, along with the bios needed for it. If I can't find one in less then like a week then I "should" have my PS2 fixed by then, but I don't feel like waiting that long to get to play Disgaea 2 for at least a little while.
  8. Zero

    Assassin's Creed

    even though there is a difference between being ownage and having good replayablity, which you don't grasp, you COULD still be right graphics don't look good unless they were developed to look good, play a playstation game on the ps2 and see if it looks better then on a ps1. the only thing to do with the ps3 is being able to handle the graphics its nothing like PoP besides the fact that its an action/adventure game as long as they stick to the release dates then the PS3 is released this year and AC is released March of next year just like the comment for PoP, it will not be just like God of War... and i applaud you on not twisting what clubskill said by making it a direct quote. unfortunately they didn't use any direct quotes so now matter how serious they sound, their site is still only a speculation site and not a facts site. i could have done some better searching but I went to Ubisoft's site and AC is only in the list to be produced for PS3, even though they very well could make it for the 360 and PC, but thats a possibility for now and not a reality. everything is just a possibility until it actually happens P.S. I didn't even realize that all the posts that I quoted was from ch.AzN... Is there a certain reason why he is the only one I need to quote? Think about it lol...
  9. Zero

    New Desktop Thread

    Something so easy and absolutely free is a secret? Learn how to look... http://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=3646727 and make sure your using Internet Explorer to download it.
  10. Zero

    New Desktop Thread

    What OS is that and where can you get some damn good themes...
  11. Zero

    Overrated or Underrated?

    I think I will close the poll on the 24th or the 25th.
  12. What console was overrated or underrated the most and why? Also what series was overrated the most and why, and which specific game in the series paticularly made you feel that way? The gamecube was the most underrated in my opinion because when talking about it people only talk about the bad games that came out for it or they talk bad about a game that was actually good. Halo 2 won it hands down for me cause its only great aspect was online play, which isn't what I bought the game for, and people make it out to be a god amoungst games. Final Fantasy as a series deserves its glory except for FFX, when compared to the earlier FF's, it was downgraded in everything except for graphics.
  13. Zero

    Ps3, Wii, or Xbox 360?

    I voted for PS3; should be good graphics (which will keep improving the longer its out), price is high but not unreasonable, should have good performance, but the games that barely push it above the Wii for me is the Final Fantasy franchise and the Disgaea franchise. Metal Gear Solid 4 and Halo 3 are on equal footing for which one I want to play more along with SSBB being on equal footing with Assassin's Creed (AC would be higher up then SSBB in my eyes but going online in super smash bros. with my friends is gonna kick it up a notch).
  14. Zero

    Ps2 Vs (gamecube Vs Xbox)

    Do I really need to keep repeating myself about that not being the topic? I know that popularity doesn't make a game or a system the best. Guess what though, this is about which one was the most popular, not the best. Then you go and say this after telling people to not post any fanboy bullshit. Sounds like someone who has their head stuck up Microsoft's ass.
  15. Zero

    Ps2 Vs (gamecube Vs Xbox)

    First off I showed the decisive winner in the first post, so read it. Also, show me where I posted fanboy shit as facts... then you can have the thread all you want (If you can even find "fanboy" talk coming from me). This is a thread about who sold the most games. If you would have read the beggining I posted info about game sales because so many people believed the Xbox was the most popular. It could have been the best system, which is not the topic, so thats when you create a new thread to talk about that.