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  1. SocialRetard911

    Why Rap Sucks

    I know, but Rap does it a hell of a lot more often, with a hell of a lot more suggestive language/lyrics. Also Rock is different from Metal/Scandanavian Death Metal/Black Metal/Grunge and the otehr sub catagories that I forgot to mention because they escape my mind atm. Please, quit trying to pin the flame on something else other then what this flame thread was intended for!
  2. SocialRetard911

    Why Rap Sucks

    Good job Kenshyn, Most the time I hate your posts because they maily piss me off... But honestly this is a great post and makes a VERY VERY Valid point. I don't care if you like rap or hate it, it's all a matter of what has happened to rap these days. 50 Cent, wth? He's an ex-drug dealer, been shot at, and is making money for bullshit songs that make girls look like sextoys and and objects to a collection. The most pitiful part about that is that most girls want to be his GF, when in fact he probably has more than one, isn't faithful, a douche-bag, and will only give you material possesions. Next, What kind of name is that? I mean, are you only worth 50 cents? What did you sell your drugs 50c a pound? Cmon, get some ingenuity! Is he just doing a bad Elvis pout, or was he born that way? Lastly, all you who think new rap is great really need to get your head out of your asses and look back to the old stuff! Um, what the fuck are you saying dude? I can hardly understand it because your english is as bad as a three-year-old. Sorry, go back to 1st grade and mulligan. Thanks =) Thats all I have to say. -SR911-
  3. SocialRetard911

    Crappy forums / Websites

    confusion? Please clarify what your trying to make a point of...thanks =)
  4. SocialRetard911

    Blizzcon - Playable Demo

    Yea I'll be going to blizz con...but thats cuz my parents rock ass :threaten: ....look for "slonthnakar" badge :biggrin:
  5. SocialRetard911

    Crappy forums / Websites

    Haha forgot about that one, thanks drax! 8)
  6. SocialRetard911


    rofl I knwo thats going to happen =)
  7. SocialRetard911

    Crappy forums / Websites

    If you find some Post them here so the rest of us don't have to go to them =) DraXgoon has already found two and they are funny as hell. http://gameusa.proboards85.com/ http://web.public-records-now.com/(S(ggn23...amp;vw=criminal will edit later as more come in...thanks guys.. ---SocialRetard911 (The random post machine o.o )
  8. SocialRetard911

    is it a bird, is it a plane, no its a zergling!

    Me either, but that sounds like it would be funny as hell! Zergling's do have wings in SC 2 but they are ground units so don't go a bitchin about how it's spikes they are WINGS =) Have fun, and most of all CRAFT!
  9. SocialRetard911

    New and Loving the AS.

    Name: Josh Favorite Game: Well, I have 2 favs : W.o.W. and Starcraft \,,/ ^.^ \,,/ Age: 15 Favorite Color: Black and Royal (Dark) Purple Where are you from: Orange County FL - Orange County CA Where did you hear about us: A friend on SC (GREATBRITAIN.) Who are you ( SN ): Hateluv Needwar What are you: Male (Also a Gnome Mage) What do you represent: The Guild: Grumpy Old Toons AND Clan Freedomforce Gaming Screen Name: Slonthnakar (W.o.W. Server: Blackhand) Sgt.Retard.ff (SC) Have a GirlFriend: YES and love her dearly Have a BoyFriend: NO I'm straight so don't try anything =) Why did you come here: To have fun, talk in forums and most of all PROMOTE BLIZZ! Who is your Idol: Um, Forever Wings Fold, ATREYU and uh.....my dad =) What can you do: - Program: Some vb script: No sorry. - Read: Ya all the time =P - Spell: Uhhhh? About you (Description): A Cool guy who likes to play on his Comp and video game systems, I also immediatly attach to friends and am FOREVER loyal to my friends. I tend to piss people off easily, I guess you can call it my talent. Hope to see all yall in game or on forums... Also Will edit about AS later, gotta go :tease:
  10. SocialRetard911


    You took the picture then used Photoshop? Or was it from scratch? o.o
  11. you must have ungodly amounts of pts lol.

  12. SocialRetard911

    Where'd You Hear About Us?

    AMEN HG-Bounder-X They don't and they suck lol! Ghoztcraft.net =) Anyways my clan Freedomforce gave me the link.
  13. SocialRetard911

    *exploit Alert!

    Lol, the trainers things still works, So does the multiple pets =-) Have fun y'all keep the game going and also "Why have a pulse when you can play W.O.W." Ghorguutz
  14. SocialRetard911

    SC 2 and hacks

    Yes I do lol, But I decided as my first Post to do something about Starcraft 2, as is Hacking was the first thing come to mind and I felt like being a protagonist not an antagonist =D Sorry to the Ghoztcraft members but I felt like having fun lol.