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    Welcome to the new Ghoztcraft!

    Hey Zander its good to see you back! Hopefully with everyone checking in lately we can spark some constant activity. Its nice to see old friends like Zander popping in.
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    I tried to visit a while ago but i was brought to a 404 or something, i cant remember
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    I actually noticed GameThreat came back aswell, i cant remember my old username and password but its good to see they also reopened.
  4. Xthar

    Everything you need to know about the computer.

    The information is still valid, though the hardware parts may be a bit dated XD
  5. Happy birthday mo-fo! Have a good one!

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    Lmfao fuck you Plutomic. I'm 2 years late but better late than ever eh haha.
  7. Xthar

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas everyone! I wish you all the best in 2018!
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    Welcome to the new Ghoztcraft!

    Damn Ghozt, i love the new layout. You nailed it with the design by modernizing but keeping the classic Ghoztcraft style. Amazing job !
  9. I still find my self comming here once every few years, I spent a lot of time supporting(and terrorizing) the community here at GC when I was a young kid. I think it would be great if we could find a game we could play and help revamp the community a bit and reconnect with old friends like the good old days. Lately I have been playing Neverwinter on the Xbox One which is free to download and play. If anyone expresses interest in this idea please post any game suggestions you might have and maybe we can lay out a plan To get some communication going. I'll check back in a few days to see if anyone has posted. Maybe if XGhozt sees this he can send out a global email and hopefully some of the vets still check their 10 year old email addresses.
  10. Xthar

    Starcraft Remastered

    Starcraft Offical Twitter http://blizz.ly/2peNzpl Starcraft Free Download https://battle.net/download/getInstallerForGame?os=WIN&version=LIVE&gameProgram=STARCRAFT Hello old friends, If you have not heard the most recent news or you have been living under a rock for the last few weeks Blizzard announced they are making a remaster of our classic favorite RTS game, Starcraft and Broodwar. Right now you can download the classic Starcraft game for free so if you have lost your CD keys in the last 10 years you wont have to worry about tracking down and buying a new one. In the following weeks they are releasing more details about the 4K remastered version with updated sprites, higher resolution among other things.For more news, keep an eye on Starcraft's news section for the latest details releasing on April 27th but for now here are some comparisons of what we can expect of the 4K remaster taken from blizzards website Ultralisk Seigetank Dragoon Keep an eye out for me when im playing i will be be on US West hanging out in the Ghoztcraft channel like old times. so if anyone is interested in playing again drop your b.net / starcraft tags below. My user: [email protected] If anyone gets serious about playing again we can also start a discord channel. I hope to hear from some of you soon!
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    We want GIF Avatars

    Yeah we want gif avatars, fight the system!
  12. Xthar

    Ghoztcraft Hits the 10 Million Milestone

    Last I checked it was around 8-10k uniques and 250k-400k hits. Am surprised it's still that high, haha Thats still pretty impressive.
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    New games to revamp the community?

    That feel when you spend 15 minutes writing a big post and you hit the backspace button and old IPB forums don't save any cloud data. Long story now cut short: I have been playing World of Warcraft on a private vanilla server called Elysium since Legion was a massive disappointment. If anyone wants to check it out the URL is elysium-project dot org. They have thousands of players so its not like you would be playing alone(and its FREE FREE FREE) ^_^. I will make a post in the Warcraft forum to see if anyone is interested .
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    To whom it may concern

    Horrible news to hear I miss talking to her on starcraft and always kidding around on here. I think I first started talking to her 10 years ago. Crazy how time Flys by I can only image how many other friends we had at GC whom have passed away over the years. R.I.P Anny you will be missed
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    I need your guys help....

    Sorry to hear the bad news about your mom Cripp, i lost my father in 2009 to hodgkin's lymphoma. I hope you raise enough money for the bills and I wish her a speedy recovery!
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    [Biography] Perma's Fail

    I bet you would make more money as a prospector ;) Iv actually considered it haha
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    Im on Derpwood as defiants My char is "Hisenburg" (Pyro mage). Anyone else play Rift?
  19. Xthar

    [Biography] Perma's Fail

    Look what the cat dragged in
  20. Xthar

    We want GIF Avatars

    I forgot about that haha, i indeed had a gif avatar wtf happend!
  21. Xthar

    We want GIF Avatars

    it probably just has to be enabled.
  22. How about that leafs and bostin game last night, Toronto sure did throw that game out the window

    1. Cripp


      Yea that was fucking horrible. 4-1 lead and then the last what 10 mins? they gave up 3 goals. almost back to back