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  1. ya know. i just noticed... its kinda weird but we have the same birthday...

  2. aNiMe_FrEaK_

    School year!

    about 3 weeks into college, nothing really going on. Still basically have 100%s in all of my classes. (you don't get much grades until essays/tests) taking College Algebra, Writing About Literature, Concepts of Positive Living and History of Civilizations
  3. aNiMe_FrEaK_

    I need free hosting

    lol at expecting someone to come running to you to notify you that they can help you with your problem.
  4. aNiMe_FrEaK_

    Best Game Out

    I'm compelled to agree
  5. aNiMe_FrEaK_

    Legend of Zelda: OoT Retextured

  6. aNiMe_FrEaK_

    Hell it's about time

    college + coming up with stricter routines to force myself to abide to.
  7. aNiMe_FrEaK_

    The Klondike Adventure

    I'm taking a masochistic approach to reading. It might not necessarily be fun doing it but I force myself to so that I am getting a better education. I've been stuck on Dante's Inferno for like a month but I'm finally about to finish it.
  8. aNiMe_FrEaK_

    The Klondike Adventure

    i didn't stop reading because it was too long, mostly because it's authored by an amateur writer and it's about a klondike bar. I'm an avid reader my booklist right now is dante's inferno, les miserables, the aeneid, great expectations, and the scarlet letter. I don't read garbage Kthxbai
  9. aNiMe_FrEaK_

    The Klondike Adventure

  10. aNiMe_FrEaK_


    ghouls are usually used to rush, i would use CL as a hero for summons and take 2 acolytes with you so you can tower rush. You'll need probly about 8 ghouls or something. You'll have to drastically modify your build order so you have the proper resources and timing to sustain it though. I would dig around at WCReplays.com
  11. aNiMe_FrEaK_


    use your AoW to creep early.
  12. aNiMe_FrEaK_


    I found a solution to your problem so i couldn't help but return to this thread to share it with you! There is a "Technique" called ReplayGain which specifies the dB level of your audio files and uses an algorithm to adjust the perceived data. Replay Gain - Hydrogenaudio Knowledgebase this comes included in foobar2000 also it's better than zhuinden's solution, IN YOUR FACE :P
  13. aNiMe_FrEaK_

    Router help

    Well, you might also try researching your router brand + model number and read up on the associated problems with it to see if it has a history of such things.
  14. aNiMe_FrEaK_

    Router help

    Perhaps it's time to consider getting a new router? You could buy one from a store and test it out to see if it fixes the problem and if it doesn't just take the router back and get a refund for it. It could also perhaps be a bad fiber optic cable or even your internet connection. if the router doesn't fix it I would suggest calling your broadband provider and troubleshooting with them to figure out the reason, if they can't fix it over the phone more than likely they will send out an internet maintenance technician who will fix the problem for you. Probably for a small fee less than 100 dollars. edit: actually since it's a very intermittent problem you'll probably have to inquire about getting someone sent.
  15. aNiMe_FrEaK_

    Major computer help please!

    I mean while fixing it yourself is always an ideal situation, there are times when it is simply better to contact professional help. You could continue to try all of the obscure suggestions of semi-qualified people and hope that through all of the frustration and time spent on it your problem is somehow solved or you could spend a little bit of money and have someone who knows what they're doing fix it for you. It is also quite probable that if you calculate the time and frustration trying to fix the computer and weigh it against how much time it takes to earn the amount of money to pay someone else to do it that it will come out in favor of the latter. Best of luck for no matter what you choose.