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  1. Chobo

    People who shouldn't have the internet.

    This is such a mean thread. That person doesn't look crazy. She seems to be a pretty accomplished person. Although I lol at her id arwen1964.
  2. Chobo

    Feeling my sanity slip away

    ahhh it seems to be an emo phase or a serious issue. I would say talk to doctor about this stuff man. If you keep it in we might have another V-Tech on our hands.
  3. Chobo


    hahaha chill xthar.
  4. Chobo

    Are looks important?

    why not get someone who is pretty and not moody or bitchy.
  5. Chobo

    Palin! D;

    Well Scourge I refuted the argument zero made by pointing out that his post was false because the Tibetan buddhists still use it. To the others the swastika may represent the Nazi party, but to the Buddhists and hindus, its a religious symbol thus still being used. Also I beg to differ with saying the word "nigger" and you're a racist. What about other niggers calling each other "niggers"? Why is it that we are prohibited from using the word? Now you tell me the answer to why its ok for them to call each other that and why we can't say that.
  6. Chobo

    Election '08

    Ok since you only named experience in your post and stated nothing else that is required you are saying experience is required. And no shit its required to know whats going on wtf do you learn things for? Ok second off, had you have the slightest ability to read my previous posts I said that experience is important because we will need decisiveness. I think Monki you need to go to this site and discover about yourself. Monki GO HERE!!!
  7. Chobo

    Election '08

    Ok you believe that McCain is just lying to get votes? Have you ever thought that Obama could be lying. Well sure Palin may not be as experienced as Obama or Biden, hell I don't really like her much. I prefer Romney, whom I really wanted to be the GOP VP, but McCain chose Palin maybe as a political strategy this we really dont know. Second off what energy stuff are you talking about that Obama is pushing for? If you didn't notice McCain too has an energy program not dependent on oil. He firmly believes in nuclear power. Palin strongly disagrees with oil drilling in Alaska. Also the main reason for going into Iraq we really do not know. President Bush claimed "Weapons of Mass Destruction" but the truth we do not know. Also please do elaborate on which subjects that McCain is tricking us so he can get the vote and revert back. I do not know what you are talking about. Oh and I have to disagree with you saying that experience is not good if you do wrong things. I would like to know what you mean by "wrong". Ok now about the polls. Does it convert to electoral vote? FALSE It does not. Polls are just surveys that people take to get an estimate of where the vote will be. If yo had read my previous post I said that people decide on the candidate 72 hr before the election. Apparently you do not know how an electoral college works so I have done a little research for you. The electors vote for whomever they fit suitable for the position, but usually vote for the winner of the popular vote. However sometimes they may vote against the candidate even though they won the popular vote. "Most of the time, electors cast their votes for the candidate who has received the most votes in that particular state. However, there have been times when electors have voted contrary to the people's decision, which is entirely legal. Although if you do vote against your party, you'll most likely be simultaneously forfeiting your post as elector and you may even incur a hefty fine -- see the sidebar on faithless electors. " http://history.howstuffworks.com/american-...al-college3.htm Please elaborate what you are saying. I don't want to jump to any conclusion by misinterpreting your words like everyone else seems to do in here with mine.
  8. Chobo

    Election '08

    Ok now you are bit mixed up. The first part if you mean fuck you ghozt and it means love you then I guess its fine. The latter is your choice. I mean if you scream "fuck" in front of the children then you are not doing anything wrong because you are practicing your freedom of speech right. I find nothing wrong with that. Once again it is just a word. And yeah I know of the electoral college. I mentioned Bush because Ghozt mentioned polls about how Obama is leading McCain. I simply said that the polls are pretty much not accurate since its just an opinion of who the people are going to vote and gave him the Bush/Gore campaign of 2000 as an example of the misleading polls. FACT Americans decide their candidates 72 hours before the election.
  9. Chobo

    Palin! D;

    FALSE Tibetan Buddhist still use it. Also they don't find it quiet as offensive or even have any moral qualms about using the symbol.
  10. Chobo

    Election '08

    Ok Ghozt I would like to say I've explained my use of the word "nigger" as a person of black colored skin. Second off I never said any sexist comment, I just said that McCain's choice of Palin the person, not Palin the woman was a bad choice. But I understand it because its all political strategy. Ok now to Monki I don't know if you noticed that America has changed alot since the Civil War. Before the Civil War America wasn't a global power, as it is now. Current America is a global leader in economics, politics, etc. Now since I live in the modern times (2008) I meant Foreign policy experience NOT DOMESTIC. ALSO Obama has only 4 years of experience in the US Congress. The 8 years is a state legislature. So YES there is a difference between state and federal. Ok I never said Lincoln was a bad President. I believe he was a GREAT President. Ok and EXPERIENCE IS VERY IMPORTANT IN CHOOSING A PRESIDENT!!!! If you want a person with good morals, integrity, character thats good too. I think its good to have someone with that but someone with the qualities stated+EXPERIENCE. If you choose the President with the qualities you stated you basically asking for someone like the Pope. Oh yeah Ghozt don't be so naive. The polls lie man.- US History 101. Look up Bush v Gore 2000 Campaign. The Polls said GORE WON!!! FALSE. Bush Won. And also people don't give me all this mumbo jumbo Bush Cheated. Too late for that. Times up Bush is about to leave.
  11. Chobo

    Election '08

    Dude W is a great President, someday he will be idolized for his war in Iraq and etc. Every President is despised in his age. Like I said before All the great Presidents werent "liked". Also if my usage of nigger to say that Obama, who clearly is a nigger, offended any other "African-Americans" then I am sorry. I meant to say nigger in the way of his colour of his skin as in black. Ok well my opinion is I like McCain because he is more experienced and he seemed to be the more decisive president and what America needs is DECISIVENESS. Not a dilly dally president like Obama. He has no experience whatsoever, and truthfully I would be for Democrats if it were the other way around Biden for P and Obama for VP. but well thats my opinion. I really dont like McCain's choice of Palin as his VP. However it may be a strategic move to gain the vote of women. But seriously McCain is MOST LIKELY TO WIN. He holds the Southern States.
  12. Chobo

    Palin! D;

    Ok well I know nigger can be taken offensively by other niggers, but i mean it in this term the origins ORIGIN from Spanish negro ‘black’. Oxford Dictionary ( a reputable dictionary source than dictionary.com) BTW are you black? Because if you are tell me and tell me if "Nigger" offends you. I will stop. And knowing fishie He wouldnt do all that shit without a reason. And i read some of the shit and it was brutal, but there must have been a reasonable explanation for this.
  13. Chobo

    Palin! D;

    Oh well I beleive its your fault of making an ass out of yourself in all the thread that i read. How am i to know that you were "playing". Also calling someone a nigger isnt racist. Its just a fucking word CHILL. Dont diss goldfish, you dont have the right to with your fucking shit face. How do you know he is racist? Your as ignorant as the racist themselves by categorizing him in a category. Thats what the racists are doing categorizing other by race.
  14. Chobo

    5 Days

    You must have gotten hacked. PWNED ASS RAPED MOTHA FUCKA! lawl
  15. Chobo

    Palin! D;

    I dont think that fuckface knows how to read, but to just spam.