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  1. Where can I get the latest source?

  2. n0.obAtroN

    Blizzard doesn't know how SC2 will end

    If Blizzards priorities for Sc2 where ranked, this is how it would go (from most to least important): 1) Multi-player game-play. 2) Graphics. 3) Mission Scenarios. .... ...... ........ ......... 308) Storyline. In my opinion, they put too little emphasis on the storyline. It needed to be engaging, with a MASSIVE and EPIC cliff-hanger at the end, to motivate players to continue purchasing the follow-up campaigns. Blizzard was banking off of the Multi-player game-play for WOL, not the storyline. This leaves them with two options for follow-up campaigns: 1) Update the multi-player game-play each campaign, giving players an incentive to re-purchase. 2) Have fewer return-customers because the storyline sucked, and they have no reason to continue it. I am betting on number 2, as 1 can be counter-productive in most situations (and in particular their situation). 2 probably happened because they where banking 100% on the multi-player (which is how it should have been for Starcraft), and follow-up campaigns where simply expected to make less money (that not being an issue because of the revenue generated from the first release, WOL). You may then say, new mission scenarios can give customers incentive to repurchase. While this is true, do you know how hard it is to come up with new mission scenarios? Blizzard reused MANY scenarios from their previous games (especially from War3), which just testifies to the fact that it is hard to come up with new mission scenarios. With the same old scenarios in the new game as the previous games, there is little (if any) incentive for customers to repurchase for that reason. All-in-all: Blizzard could have done a MUCH job better on the Storyline. They didn't, so don't expect anything spectacular from their next Sc2 release.
  3. n0.obAtroN

    StarCraft 2 Hack Programmers Sued

    Lol. I had to laugh when I read this. I mentioned just how screwed people where in this post right here, but everyone thinks they are invincible, and didn't believe me. Lol! rofl Do also realize that whether or not those people being sued either win/loose the court-battles, they will still pay a huge price. The stress degrades your working ability, the time in courts either cuts into personal time or work time, and there are the costs of lawyers and court-fees too. Even if you win the court-battle, you have lost. As always, none of my advice is not meant to replace that of an attorney's. Be sure to consult with an attorney for the best course of action.
  4. n0.obAtroN

    SCII - Cease and Desist

    Your attorney obviously doesn't know much, did he graduate high-school? Stated in EVERY commercial EULA is something to the effect of: "Reverse engineering this product is prohibited in every way shape and form". Creating hacks could easily be pursued in court as an "attempt to reverse engineer Sc2". Being the multi-million dollar monster that Blizzard is, they would have no issue getting a court order/subpoena, getting your real name from your ISP, and pursuing further legal action. XGhozt: Out of all the members on this site, you are the most vulnerable. Blizzard does not have immediate access to the IP addresses of this site's members, but they do have access to this sites IP address. With a simple court-order/subpoena they would have your real name, and a lawsuit could easily appear shortly after. Even if your contracts to the members of this site legally protect you from the fallout of these user(s) actions, is it really worth dragging it through the court-system, paying the up-front lawyer/court-costs, and dealing with the IMMENSE amount of stress? To tell you from personal experience, both suing and being sued, it is NOT worth it. I have gotten court-orders and pursued legal action against people on the Internet before, and it works. Don't think that your immune to it, because your not. It is my humble recommendation, as a veteran in this area of expertise, to not host Starcraft 2 hacks on Ghoztcraft.net. Do note that none of my advice is not meant to replace that of an attorney's. Be sure to consult with an attorney for the best course of action.
  5. n0.obAtroN

    Starcraft Hack Updater



    This handy little program can take offsets from an old version of starcraft and update them to the latest version of starcraft!
  6. File Name: Starcraft Hack Updater File Submitter: n0.obAtroN File Submitted: 09 Nov 2009 File Updated: 07 Jun 2010 File Category: Starcraft Hacks Author: n0.obAtroN Version: 1.0.0 This handy little program can take offsets from an old version of starcraft and update them to the latest version of starcraft! Click here to download this file
  7. n0.obAtroN

    Upgrade/Tech Offsets

    An old snippet from nexuiz 2.2.4, hope you find it usefull: /*IdentifyUpgrade() - Indentifies an upgrade from hex values*/ char* IdentifyUpgrade(int upgrade) { switch(upgrade) { case 13: return "Ground Weapons"; case 5: return "Ground Armor"; case 15: return "Plasma Sheilds"; case 14: return "Air Weapons"; case 6: return "Air Armor"; case 7: return "Infintry Weapons"; case 0: return "Inifintry Armor"; case 8: return "Vehicle Weapons"; case 1: return "Vehicle Plating"; case 9: return "Ship Weapons"; case 2: return "Ship Plating"; case 10: return "Melee Attacks"; case 11: return "Missle Attacks"; case 3: return "Carapace"; case 12: return "Flyer Attacks"; case 4: return "Flyer Carapace"; default: return NULL; } }
  8. n0.obAtroN

    Galactic Vice

    Game Title: Galactic Vice My Rating: 10.0 General storyline: Galactic Vice is a futuristic 3D RTS game featuring two races at war. Vital mistakes made by a corrupt human empire lead to a catastrophic war against an alien race, one in which humanity is pushed to the brink of extinction. Galactic Vice is under heavy development, and is in the pre-beta stage. I have posted here in hope to get some support. We are looking for 2D artists, 3D artists, Concept Artists, Environment Artists, and Web Designers. The forums also need management, and there are some kickass admins here :) Here is a screenshot of a explosion/terrain test: If you would like to help, contact my organization at: [email protected] |||
  9. n0.obAtroN

    Sc Maphack Sourcecode

    any other person than yourself has yet to see this....
  10. n0.obAtroN

    Sc Maphack Sourcecode

    The famous Jiggie once said: "Yea, id love to know how a maphack is made. Ive seen a source but I dont really understand it" [http://www.bwhacks.com/forums/starcraft-hacking-related/27143-map-hack-tutorial.html] lol, here, have a maphack source. OPEN SOURCE BITCHES! Maphack.cpp: #include <windows.h> static const unsigned char newcode[] = {0xC7, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x01, 0x02}; extern "C" { BOOL WINAPI DllMain(HINSTANCE hinstDLL, DWORD fdwReason, LPVOID lpvReserved) { switch (fdwReason) { case DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH: // attach to process // return FALSE to fail DLL load WriteProcessMemory(GetCurrentProcess(), (void*)0x480BA0, (const void*)&newcode, 6, 0); return TRUE; // succesful default: return false; } } }
  11. n0.obAtroN

    SCSTD V0.0.5 Alpha

    What map is it that it crashed on after the breafing? I assume this is a UMS map? if so I would expect it to crash. This hack is not for UMS maps. Why hack on a UMS map anyways?
  12. n0.obAtroN

    SCSTD V0.0.5 Alpha

    Any bugs found yet? The build anywhere wouldnt work online :D
  13. n0.obAtroN

    SCSTD V0.0.5 Alpha

    just a post to keep the thread alive..... any suggestions?
  14. n0.obAtroN

    SCSTD V0.0.5 Alpha

    Well, this is the beta release of SCSTD. It is the first public release of this hack. Do not download this unless you intend to "beta" test it for me. Features: Stats hack that shows minerals, gas, player name, player color, ally status, etc Unit alert with a minimap ping, sound + portrait of created unit Pausehack that pauses the game permanently until you unpause it (even on battle.net) 3 State Maphack, light, full, and off Zerg mineral hack that works on multiple larva, multiple hydralisks, multiple mutalisks, etc Multicommand with alt or tilda as hotkey Upgrade Alert that alerts you when a player upgrades Custom Color host that allows you to color the host any color you want Minorities, aka host hack, dl status, etc. Go beta test this and post bugs in this thread. Thank you, n0.obAtroN Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/109402013/SCSTD.zip.html
  15. n0.obAtroN

    Announcing: Cobra Spoofer V1.00

    Welcome back viper :). Feel free to use any code/offsets from Nexuiz