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  1. Cyanide

    wiki_ Oblivion

    This is the discussion topic for the wiki article: Oblivion
  2. Cyanide

    I want 150 posts

    This amazing thread will be my journey towards having 150 posts. Penis. Stop merging my posts. Stop merging my posts. OH FUCK YOU FINE >:D I QUIT THIS THREAD FOREVER
  3. Cyanide

    Goodbye All

    Remember, a 'blanket party' is NEITHER! Friendly fire ISN'T and Keep your underwear on. At all times.
  4. Cyanide

    Ghoztcraft Moderation Update

    I hereby nominate myself to be the English and morality police of these forums. E: While I don't have a steep post count, all my posts are flawless works of forum art. (this is true)
  5. Cyanide

    Ahhh I Donnno

    Please buy 100 of these and mail me one. http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.3828 I would like to have an indestructible pig. You would like it too.
  6. Cyanide

    Diablo And Starcraft On Hand Held's

    If someone gives me the full mp3 of the music in that video Suteki posted, there will be +rep. Magical, delicious +rep. Do it. For the +rep. With my powerful productive powers, I've found them myself. Someone +rep me.
  7. Cyanide

    New Sig

    Its great, but its not better than my sig. Nothing can ever be better than my sig. It has two parts now.
  8. Cyanide

    Bored As Hell?

    I'm so bored I read this entire thread. ZING!
  9. Cyanide

    Eternal Sound

    I don't get it.
  10. Cyanide

    Oblivion V3.0.2 Beta 2

    Using the new Oblivion makes me feel like I'm naked! ... Wait, nevermind- I actually am ...
  11. Cyanide

    Vote For Ghoztcraft?

    How do I vote? It wasn't made clear
  12. Cyanide

    Oblivion V3.0.2 Beta 2

    I think its pretty mean that you refuse to share it but are now making fun of us by posting pictures of it :D
  13. Cyanide

    During Sex...

    +44 - Cliff Diving during sex :P :smith: :P
  14. Cyanide

    During Sex...

    Hawthorne Heights - Dissolve and Decay during sex :P