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  1. Magical_Trever

    I havent been here for a while

    Lol hello again. Another 2 years later and I find myself here again. Probably because I googled my name and I had to delete a few things.
  2. Magical_Trever

    I havent been here for a while

    I was playing with some hackers in Arma 2, and I remembered this site which I had no idea was still online. I used to go on this thing heaps when I was 13 or so lmao. Whats changed? I'm 18 and a successful youtuber for league of legends!
  3. Magical_Trever

    I miss how Ghoztcraft used to be.

    I think you are the blind one for not seeing why no new people post in these forums, figure it out. If you want some new members to come here maybe try moderating the community a bit better. See you next time I get extremely bored, can't believe they made you a DL Manager too. Well thats not my problem is it.
  4. Magical_Trever

    I miss how Ghoztcraft used to be.

    This website lacked community, I understand why a lot of people left because some of the members here are extremely rude and they got away with it just because they have been here for a long time. When I was new here ages ago I remember getting flamed by some of the posters that had been here for longer and nobody did anything. It's too late to fix it now, nobody wants to get gaming hacks anymore since Blizzard is getting tough on it. You haven't heard? Blizzard has banned thousands of accounts and has even taken legal action against a few programmers accused of making hacks.
  5. Magical_Trever

    Starcraft 2 1.1 and beyond.

    Just shut up Ghoztman I am not raging and I am not offended, you're just such a fucking smart ass. I don't need to know about you're imaginary builds. I think I see why I don't go on these forums much. And as a matter of fact I think I am going to have double the right to 'bitch' about Zergs since Reapers and Seige tanks are getting a nerf. I like the Seige tank nerf though, I completely support it.
  6. Magical_Trever

    Starcraft 2 1.1 and beyond.

    SHUT THE FUCK UP GHOZTMAN! Why not put your theory in to practice and upload some replays. These big walls of text and you don't have any videos or anything to go with it.
  7. Magical_Trever

    Starcraft 2 1.1 and beyond.

    Because they just get more fucking units than I do. I keep telling you. It is so easy for Zerg to produce minerals since they expand fast and can have more than 1 drone training at once in the early game. On top of that Zerg units aren't expensive.
  8. Magical_Trever

    Starcraft 2 1.1 and beyond.

    It's all about scouting, what do you think I do with Scanner sweep and the occasional reaper scout. Zergs can easily change the whole type of there army. They can change mass Roaches to Mass Hydras in 1 minute. If I try getting a combination of units to take out the different unit types it just doesn't work since I have to constantly change the tech.
  9. Magical_Trever

    Starcraft 2 1.1 and beyond.

  10. Magical_Trever

    Starcraft 2 1.1 and beyond.

    I play Plat-Diamond and I bearly see any Ultralisks, they are just too expensive to mass up. You don't understand that early-mid game Zergs are absolutely impossible to deal with. They can get a army 4x as big as yours at around the 10 minute mark, they expand much faster than the two other races which gives them more map control. And those banelings can easily break through your wall which is MEANT to be there to stop them from frigging rushing you with 50 Zerglings. The luck I have had with Zerg is to round up a few Hellions to rape those fucking Zerglings, and by then they have already got about 5-10 mutalisks. If I don't have any ghosts by then or a group of marines then its over.
  11. Magical_Trever

    Starcraft 2 1.1 and beyond.

    Pfff I hardly see Ultralisks in game, even when I do I just get a bunch of ghosts backed up with some meat. Zergs either need... Larva spawn nerf (I'm talking about the time or something) Small build increase time Unit cost increase Actually too be honest I would be really happy if they would just increase the cost of Mutalisks or something. They are so dam fast to produce while the Zerg usually has about 50 Zerglings hanging around even when they are teching.
  12. Magical_Trever

    Starcraft 2 1.1 and beyond.

    I like the Terran nerfs, even though I am a Terran player they sound reasonable. But what the fuck is up with the Zerg, they got a minor buff which is total bull shit.
  13. Magical_Trever

    SC2 Multiplayer Strategies

    Gotta love marine/marauder/medivac. Just get a group of them and keep sending them in for pressure.
  14. Magical_Trever

    A typical game against Zerg

    Basically its like this, if I depo wall and get some infantry in the back and try and get some hellions, banelings will destroy me. If I don't wall first up I will get 6 pooled.