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  1. ☼REapER¼☼

    I'm Deploying :O

    Damn, good luck bro. Kill some of them for me, We'll be rootin' for ya' out here. GC'z got your back, so stay strong. Come back, and don't get killed.
  2. ☼REapER¼☼

    i'm a stoner now D:

    You sure it was the weed that made you smell bad?
  3. ☼REapER¼☼

    i'm a stoner now D:

    I'm sure they did scientific tests to test the outcome of Cars, and back then they had no way of knowing what it would do. Even though they're supposed to test for years and years on everything they do, they never seem to get things right.
  4. ☼REapER¼☼

    i'm a stoner now D:

    Let's see. I own my own business, I graduated from High School, I own my own truck, with real chrome tires, and I'm perfectly fit, I haven't had a health problem since. Btw, I'm not American. I wish to never be associated with America. Oh, and thanks for being a total faggot who edited my post for absoulutly no reason, and btw. Drugs is bad is your opinion, I don't trust science to tell me what's good or bad, I give it my own experiences. If we didn't listen to science our entire life, millions of people wouldn't be dead, and we may have a better way of life. Why? Because all I see on commercials now is Lawyers who are getting benefits to people who's "loved ones" have died from taking drugs that "Science" said was fine to use, then later on said "Whoops, we screwed up" Look at cars, we thought they were good, now they fucked up Earth and it's ozone with all this pollution, aswell with coal burning and everything else Science has proved to be "Good." Most people say that smoking drugs is bad, but over a lifetime I don't think you could smoke enough marijuana to ever be able have serious life-threatening illnesses. Unless you smoked like 5 bowls every 12 hours, which would we retarded. I smoke twice per day, because that's all I need. I smoke marijuana before I goto work, then come home, smoke another bowl, have a few drinks, then goto bed for work. I'm not a loser who's bummed out of money because I buy marijuana, I mean $10 is all it costs for you to smoke for a week.
  5. ☼REapER¼☼

    i'm a stoner now D:

    Where do you live? It depends on 3 things. 1. The location 2. The weed 3. Your tastebuds IMO, This is what I'm thinking. - You live in a location which weed isn't grown good. - Your friend has cheap shitty weed, which is not good. - Your tastebuds haven't adjusted. I live in Canada, and DAMN does weed ever taste good here, it's amazing. The weed we buy is moderate, not pricy, about $10 a gram. $120 an ounce. I've been smoking for about a year now.
  6. ☼REapER¼☼

    Starting a Clan

    Or you could just get an OP channel..?
  7. ☼REapER¼☼

    i'm a stoner now D:

    If you're going to post here, why are you dissing him? It's his decision to become a stoner, posting "Go die" won't cause him any harm, it'll make yourself look like a dumbass. Not like he cares what you think. I've been a stoner for a long time now, I can tell you're a new one, frankly when I started at 13, Me and my friend were munching on chips, and all of a sudden we started laughing for no reason cause it was so messed up that we were just sitting there and making "mmmmm" sounds cause the chips and candy was so good. We smoked Purple Kush for the first time about 6 months ago, it was great.
  8. ☼REapER¼☼

    Stealthbot is falling apart.

    Stealthbot's a joke, the only reason they were popular is because noobs were always interested in having a bot, and Stealthbot was their answer. More complicated bots aren't as popular, simply because they aren't as noob-friendly. I still use Stealthbot though, simply because when I first started to play SC, I used it. [Hence the Noob Part] and I've stuck with it because it has all my custom flags, and custom access commands, and such.
  9. ☼REapER¼☼

    Needing WAR3 Keys [Muted]

    Ah.. Shit bro, thx alot.
  10. ☼REapER¼☼

    Needing WAR3 Keys [Muted]

    Ah, awesome. Last time I played Warcraft 3 was about 2 years ago. I remember Life of a Peasant, and all those games. I'm downloading the ISO right now, as I don't have the game, but I have a working WAR3 CD-Key a friend gave me.
  11. ☼REapER¼☼

    Needing WAR3 Keys [Muted]

    One thing I've overlooked. Are they able to be invited TO the clan, since they cannot join any channels, cannot be whispered, etc. etc. Also, because if you goto The Void, it shows nobody. [i think, haven't been there in awhile]
  12. ☼REapER¼☼

    Needing WAR3 Keys [Muted]

    Some sort of hack then. I don't think you collected all those.. And if you did, you are one crazy bastard.
  13. ☼REapER¼☼

    Needing WAR3 Keys [Muted]

    Probably from a winbot or something, right?
  14. ☼REapER¼☼

    Needing WAR3 Keys [Muted]

    Well, I'm trying to setup a clan channel on SC, and currently I have my bot in an OP channel, unfortunatly I only have one WAR3 CD-Key, and my bot is running on Diablo 2. I'm asking basically, if anybody has any Warcraft 3 CD-Keys. I don't care if they're muted, Just aslong as they're not voided or are banned. It'd be a great help if you could supply me with any. x]
  15. ☼REapER¼☼

    [Question] SC into BW?

    For some reason, when I click the link, it takes me to http://www.megaclick.com/404/?lg=en&ty...anagement/games Can you tell me where to go on there? I'm at the Blizzard site, I can't see account. -.-