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  1. hippy420

    About gc VIP and SC hacks

    why would someone wanna hack on iccup, just ruin the purpose of that...lol
  2. hippy420

    Ghoztcraft 5000 Post Contest

    post #100 right here!!!! ftw!
  3. hippy420

    Swine Flu Vaccine

    1 person has won the lottery twice. (little bit less then a thousand times) Tens of thousands of people have gotten some form of the swine flu.
  4. hippy420

    They're going to bomb the moon!

    Camera failed? or project fucked up and all the money was wasted...? Cameras turn white on almost all big exlposions, i think they would have already known this. sounds more like an excuse.
  5. hippy420

    Look wat WoW does to people.....

    I dont see how he won..nobody died though WoW is gay.
  6. hippy420

    I wish this would happen to all them

    Kinda sounds like hes screaming for his mom
  7. hippy420


    i miss good pvp games =(
  8. hippy420

    Can You Multitask?

    thats kind of like saying i want to see multiple guys go against girls in ironing clothes/doing dishes and cooking at the same time.. lol :D
  9. hippy420

    I wish this would happen to all them

    omfg lol!!!
  10. hippy420


    Jesus christ thats alot of typos...lol
  11. hippy420


    I heard Final Fantasy XI online (think it was XI) was really good. its an MMORPG, still has alot of stuff apparently that people havnt even accomplished yet.
  12. hippy420

    Swine Flu Vaccine

    Theres quite a few different strands i guess u would call it of the swine flu, but the main 1 that effects people is extremly over rated which im sure most know. There is a strand out there though that can do some damage to you, but the odds of it turning into that are next to none.
  13. hippy420

    They're going to bomb the moon!

    I think its completly worth it :D