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  1. IFireflyl

    Ghoztcraft Lying made easy.

    Is it bad if I just say, "Lol," to this thread? I'm pretty sure that that was hilarious.
  2. I just got banned from this site for like 2 weeks!!!! Anyhow, I still can't post in topics though :(

    So, whats up dude?

  3. IFireflyl

    Our Friend Magic Bitch

    Um. Wow. That was intense. I've got to go get in a fight to calm me down...
  4. IFireflyl


    Lol, I would have figured it out on my own. In five years.
  5. IFireflyl

    Secret Buttons In Ie7

    Mozilla Firefox! Oy, oy!!!
  6. IFireflyl

    The Karma Game

    I like your Army Rank. :(
  7. IFireflyl

    Wtf [img] Tags Not Allowed?

    ;) http://i210.photobucket.com/albums/bb35/SoullessImmortal/Header.jpg' alt='Header.jpg'> Lol, mine works.
  8. IFireflyl

    The Karma Game

    I like your face.
  9. IFireflyl

    12 Year Old Sued For Downloading Music

    Omg. They're retarded. It's things like this that DON'T make me proud to be an American. You know 50 years ago people made something of themselves and less laws were broken. That's because they wont stop making retarded laws to sue everyone. Here we are 50 years later and you can't hardly spit in public without getting fined. I wish George Washington and Benjamin Franklin could be here now. They'd hate us.
  10. IFireflyl

    Secret Science Anti Gravity Revealed Homemade

    You're hungry for Spam? I have some in my kitchen...
  11. IFireflyl

    Stupid People

    :D I lol'ed
  12. IFireflyl

    1 Billion Post Goal!

    Wait, the contest isn't real? But he showed us a picture of the money...
  13. IFireflyl

    Wanna be my friend?

    I'm emo.
  14. IFireflyl

    Secret Science Anti Gravity Revealed Homemade

    You may want to find a link that works. :P