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    Psp Friendly Websites

    I personally have http://www.fastpsp.com/ as my PSP's home page. Also I use Google's Cell Phone Search Engine, which I forgot the link to. What about you guys?
  2. No One Cares

    Ti-83/84 Programming

    Does anyone program on their TI's? Really helpful to make things like slope finders or w/e and then archive them. later during a midterm or final just unarchive them and you save like 30 mins in all :D
  3. No One Cares

    New Sig I Made For Ghoztcraft.net

    Nice job, I think you should make an avatar out of it to~ (The original post) `
  4. No One Cares

    Sexual Orientation.

    o.o straight..
  5. No One Cares

    Stupid Hosts..

    and sig ^_^
  6. No One Cares

    Ghoztcraft Dos Attack

    wow dreame also VIP wit only 3 posts? damn. On topic: w00t finally.
  7. No One Cares

    Ghoztcraft Dos Attack

    rawr ghoztpoints rage. noobs have 440,000 gps 0.o
  8. No One Cares

    Free Domain Names

    www.buy.com Make an account (if you don't have one, no credit card required!) go to: http://slickdeals.net/?t=200375&u2=http://...p?prid=82517432 Checkout.. (no products needed, just the coupon) You get a receipt once you're through. The domain name is from godaddy.. Enjoy :D
  9. No One Cares

    Bottle Bomb

    Not sure if this has been posted before :dry: Take any water bottle (preferably not a soda one because those are thicker) and fill it with little aluminem foil balls. stored it ONLY with aluminem foil balls. then when ready to blow it up, take toilet cleaner and pour it in (lysol wont explode in flames). lastly shake vigouresly, throw, run. im not sure which toilet cleaner makes flames, you'll have to play around with it.
  10. No One Cares

    Sorry For The Downtime!

    Silence? How long have you been here? ..im slow.. Downtime sucks... ten co tutaj provadgi jest gubek stymi ludgmi, muwjie o adminje
  11. No One Cares

    Cs Server

    What servers do you guys play on (CS Orig)? I really don't play on any specific server.. It's too hard for me to find a server that very little people hack..
  12. No One Cares

    Should Poply Be Mod?

    have you noticed that the only really active people on this site are mods? other than training-name.....
  13. No One Cares

    Affiliate Sign Request

    Well, even though I am the gfx mod, im the not teh 1337 at photoshop, so my request. I would like a nice, sleek affiliate sign to go with my website - with the color of about aqua blue blue or so. Well that's my short request. http://www.visualbazic.net/ Thanks! P.S. Default Affiliate Signs Are 88x31
  14. No One Cares

    Spammed Bwhacks

    that would be teh sucks! what if you report a haxor site to blizz?
  15. No One Cares

    2 Things...

    First of all, I think the thread preview mod (letting you read a section of the first post before going there) be either removed, or disabled for the Graphic And Arts forum. It is making the threads practicly impossible to view. Second, I have noticed my threads are getting deleted? I posted a starcraft name spoofer tut and cant find it (maybe it's just me?) and in the Graphics forum I posted "a few things..." thread about some new gfx i made. I can't find either. :sleep: Do you guys have mod records?
  16. No One Cares

    2 Things...

    wtf? topic preview?
  17. No One Cares

    Support Us!

    already do it :) I bookmarked: http://bdv.bidvertiser.com/BidVertiser.dbm...1&win_name=null So I just go there and click one ad a day
  18. No One Cares

    2 Things...

    I don't think you understand me: I made a post in both graphics forum and tutorial forum (diff topics of course, but using these two as an example), I check back in about 4 days to revise my name spoofer - finding it not there, do a search - not revealing anything relating to my post. To verify this wasn't some posting accident or w/e - I check back to a post a remember making after that post, topic title "A few things I made..." - also finding it gone.. Keep in mind this was also before the server change...
  19. No One Cares

    Free Domain Names

    ***Xthar pointed out .79 purchase or more necasary.. thats what you get for not reading..
  20. No One Cares

    Werid Facts

    wtf? lol
  21. No One Cares

    Can't Access Uploader?

    you have to register a seperate account for that I believe..
  22. No One Cares

    Who Loves Ghozt

    z0mg why isnt ghozt on your leet list poply?
  23. No One Cares

    The Truth About Myspace

    all the ppl at my school are like "dude whats your freakin myspace you gotta be my friend" im like wtf myspace is gay
  24. No One Cares

    Affiliate Sign And Background

    Somewhat off-topic, but I have no idea what content to put in it, if i can't see the site, which is blank?
  25. No One Cares

    Two New Sigs

    both are awesome but i think the top one is better