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  1. EternalSlushy

    Anyone disapointed with Diablo 3?

    best part about d3 right now is the leveling system while everything is being updated. Although Blizzard seems to be quite slow at updating Diablo these days... Runescape updates their stuff almost everyday whereas Diablo players are waiting every minute until the update launches. In actuality I don't allow myself to expect D3 updates. the auction house is cool if you can really focus enough to understand the small amount you can make to merchant items i do feel disappointed with the PVP entirely because it's just lame as most of you know D2 pvp was amazing. I also feel disappointed with the RMAH while it was out because of the payment methods but oh well it sucks that i did not have the opportunity to enjoy all of its features. I did try selling items on RMAH but failed and did not have enough time for it anyways.
  2. EternalSlushy

    Emblem/Avatar , Siggy

    i can do it once my 15 post restriction is over keep me posted
  3. EternalSlushy

    <3.'s Collection Of His (Bad) Signatures

    haha bout the same quality as my first ones
  4. EternalSlushy

    How to defeat mass carriers?

    fully upgraded mass corrupters?
  5. EternalSlushy

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Request

    error occurs when i try to open the first link
  6. EternalSlushy

    Memory lane

    well i have to make fifteen posts before i can create thread topics but anyways all ur work looks clean
  7. wont let me post yet...

  8. EternalSlushy

    Memory lane

    your work is pretty good.. your style is something i'm going to pick up also what program do you use? photoshop?