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    lol i'm new here.
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  1. Unseen

    Battle.net 2.0 Has Arrived!

    I will support this.
  2. Unseen

    14th Birthday

    My idea pwnd.
  3. Unseen

    14th Birthday

    14th B-Day. Chuck-E-Cheeze, Have sex in the ball pit.
  4. Unseen

    Need Anime

    Claymore. GG
  5. Unseen

    No Meat, No pudding?

    no dark sarcasm in the classroom
  6. Unseen

    Starcraft Patch 1.15.3

    Man this actually made me happy, I couldn't even play a UMS game without someone Min hack, stat hack(phantom) or any of that other stuff...There is a time and place for those things...NOT IN MY GAMES. Hahaha.
  7. Unseen


    Ok, so I was talking about raves today in my class (culinary arts school, so there is a mixture of many people). Some kid was like "A real rave has house and trance all night) I was baffled to my mind. Who the fuck raves to house? I can understand a HOUSE party, but an all house rave? Shit. The raves I go to usually have a shit load genres, usually DnB, Dubstep,Hardstyle,Hardcore on the main stage. And there may be a few House DJs playing some house but it's not like their stage is boomin' Anywho I got really mad at him and asked him what raves has he gone to. I swear he made shit up about "His buddys house out in wisconson." That shit is really pissing me off and I usually don't get mad, nor do I usually post on this forum. I just want some opinions on what you guys think about raves/electro music/bitches who wanna be cool. Anywho...
  8. Unseen

    At The Hospital

    How'd it go bro?
  9. Unseen

    That's It, Time To Start Looting!

    Hahaha. I'd go on a bridge and try to jerk off on pedestrians that still don't know about the asteroid. Or I'd go into a police station, and pee on the cops. Or Hell, I'd find a chick with a skirt, get hard, and fuck her in the ass.
  10. Thanks for being the only person to know!

  11. Unseen

    Happy Birthday To Me.

  12. Unseen

    Happy Birthday To Me.

    Agreed I'd take that 50 cake over a 17/18 cake any day. Unless it was some sort of Mortal Kombat themed cake...
  13. Unseen

    Winbot Wins?

    I wish I could help you, but I have no idea how to fix the "client revision rejected." But for one last shot, try changing the login server to "jbls.org." it's rejecting Brood War on all servers. I'm just a failure : (
  14. Unseen

    Winbot Wins?

    Didn't work : (