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  1. Heh, just got your message, and thank you.

    Jeez I haven't been on here in AGES!

    ( but you're still pretty )

  2. Long time no talk how have you been?

  3. Christmas, Valentine's Day, Earth Day, you get the idea. ( Earth Day is my birthday, so that could be special. ) Nothing really specific. Music is always good to add in. It would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking for a yellow siggy, green siggy, blue siggy and purple siggy but all are good Let me know, yeh?
  4. Eh. Things have been pretty decent. How about you?

  5. Hey its been for ever since we've talked whats been up?

  6. Catastrophe

    Election '08

    We talked about some stuff in Government today like how no one is really saying anything about the old fart because he's probably gonna die, so if he dies, Palin takes over. Basically either way, people are trying to figure out if they want a woman or a black guy.
  7. You've still got my number but yous topped messaging me a looooooooong time ago.

  8. I got a new phone and I don't have your number anymore .Also, you're never even on yahoo. I figured this WAS confronting you.

  9. Lol, how did this even happen? If you were expecting it, what was said to make it seem so?

  10. Okay okay okay, I'm guessing you don't know that I've heard this, but someone told me that you've been going around saying we're going out again? WTF?

  11. you fail at flirting my dear Cripp. :D

  12. *is already on her bed in the fetal position crying*