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  1. happy birthday

  2. *e-pinch*

    No Green in your Sig!

  3. jokers_187

    Best Of:

    Yo momma so fat she use's a vcr for a pager.... also i dont know if this a yo momma joke but its fun to say to your friends.... I was goin to be your dad but.... the dog beat me over the fence
  4. jokers_187

    Cyber Sex - Bloodninja

    rofl funny ass shit man did you make this up or did you get it from somewhere?
  5. jokers_187

    Post a picture of yourself

    me drunk and high as hell My Pitbull Puppy love her to death
  6. jokers_187

    Help Meh

    My problems have been solved by ignite thanks a whole bunch bro.... and thanks to everyone else who helped me out! :)
  7. jokers_187


    Welcome to the site hope you have fun and stay active!
  8. jokers_187

    Nova's Here

    Welcome to the site!! Have fun :(
  9. Sup man. Dont listen to ever thing you hear.

  10. jokers_187

    War3 Key for SC Key

    THANKS A BUNCH IGNITE IS THE BEST PERSON HERE ... besides my zhuiny jk rofl
  11. jokers_187

    Jokers_187 Hello

    not much man blazin and learning some basic assembly and flipping through other things about c++ and stuff.... very confusing but i just learned how to hack the minerals on single player sc with tsearch and artmoney and i even messed with the gold on runescape lol :D too bad it really doesnt work but thinks for the rep bro
  12. jokers_187

    War3 Key for SC Key

    Im trading my working valid war3 cd key for a working valid sc cdkey please pm me or add me to msn at [email protected] Thanks ;)