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  1. Fc3sZero

    So I switched to Windows 8

    When I purchased my laptop a couple months ago, I was forced to use Windows 8. The MSI GT70 with the specs I wanted just wouldn't allow anything but win8. I miss the ease of the Windows 7 because it's a pretty stout OS, but Windows 8 isn't too bad. Although I almost sent the laptop back because of the bugs. Looking back now, I think it had more to do with MSI's shitty software than anything Microsoft did. After fighting with it for a month and finding a way to get my start menu back, I finally came to the point where it was a reliable system. Few hiccups here and there but for the most part I enjoy it. Not sure how it will run on a lesser system tho. I'm using an i7/670mx/16gb pc12800. lol, as I just try to click the start button, the computer freezes. ha ha very funny, I am having a slightly annoying problem that I may post tomorrow. I don't think it has anything to do with Win8 though. Just trying to move into the 802.11ac realm.
  2. Fc3sZero

    Zar's Arcaheology Pics 2013

    I don't think so . . . Winkey is a chemistry professor working at Renmin University of China in Beijing or something last time I heard. Zero was a person I met up with at Xenoproductions and we found out that we were doing the same meter reading job for the same large power company. I haven't heard from winkey for a very long time. ^ what were the chances of that. Still blows me away. Not to thread jack your stuff but heard a few new things from good ol' buffet. My buddy that I read meters with was telling me, they now print out a report about your daily activities (every break, every time you take a piss, every time you leave your truck idle for more than 20 seconds, every time you exceed the speed limit) and they lay it out on the table for everyone to see. This is every day. Can you imagine the drama that would cause? Jesus, I miss the pay and benefits but F that. Yup, I'm just boring old Zero. I don't know how to code or even give any useful input, I had to buy everyone's friendship through rapidshare accounts. haha, not really but... ok maybe a little. Edit: I can imagine you get the opportunity to take some amazing pictures on a daily basis. How long are your ventures out into the Alaskan wild?
  3. Fc3sZero

    Zar's Arcaheology Pics 2013

    I forget when the last time I was here haha. I have 2 boys now (2 and 5yrs old). Got fixed, so no more kids for me. Pacific Power and I parted way last February. A bit of a story behind that but it was long overdue. Reading meters was a good job (for those without any college education) but it would have been 7-8 years in March, it became mindless work for me at that point. My sweetheart of a boss (she was like a mom to me) retired and her replacement was an emotionless ex-sheriff with an extraordinarily dry sense of humor. To make matters worse, the company finally went with GPS tracking on all the vehicles right after I left. So things were looking pretty bleak there. ohhh.... what else. In a raging fury of irresponsibility I took out my entire IRA from JP Morgan and blew it on car parts, a new GT70 laptop, office equipment for my wife, and forget what else. Part of it sorta fell through the cracks. I planned on going to college for CIS but that just never built much momentum. Looking for work currently, luckily unemployment is kicking me $450/week but I'm still unsure what I'm doing. All i know is I need to figure it out quick. Waiting to hear back from a underground utility locating company to see if I did well enough on their placement test. Ending up here after googling my email looking for places where I left it open for the public to see. Too much spam and it was endless. You have facebook?
  4. Fc3sZero

    Zar's Arcaheology Pics 2013

    Ah... moving up in the world since I've last been here. Nice work.
  5. Fc3sZero

    I don't feel so old.

    Welcome to the jungle. Don't eat the cookies :cookie?:
  6. Fc3sZero

    Do you play WoW?

    Sorry what I meant was "my server" as is the one I play on. I don't actually own it but thanks anyways! :thumbsup: What the game does to you is entirely your choice. But I can understand if you don't have the mental discipline to hold back.
  7. Fc3sZero

    Private Servers: Bad News

    Make a profit or receive money? If it was illegal to "donate" I'm sure they would have changed it to "Give me $20 for a full set of t6 gear or kick down $30 for 100g" but they were pretty adamant about it being considered "donating" But I don't fully understand the laws, so i'll take your word for it. There is still private servers up but they are small and probably not as good as the big ones that were up. The server i was playing on was thinking about adding Wotk but they said not to hold your breath. It would have been to difficult to implement along with the 3.0x patch. A lot of the other servers were no where near putting that in either since it would pretty much destabilize the whole thing.
  8. Fc3sZero

    Do you play WoW?

    I used to until my private server went down. We'll see what happens later
  9. Fc3sZero

    Private Servers: Bad News

    I was hearing about Wowscape making a good amount of money of donations. They were also saying that the server owner was saying they were going to be back up soon just to suck a few more dollars out of people. I figured that they couldn't shut down all the private servers. Anyone know of any that haven't been targeted?
  10. Fc3sZero

    Private Servers: Bad News

    A quote from BurningWow. The place I used to play. A lot of the major Private servers are down now.
  11. Fc3sZero


    Later Zar. Seeya when you get back... maybe
  12. Fc3sZero

    Post Yo Ride

    2006 Infiniti G35 w/sport tuned suspension Manual 6 speed 298 hp 270 lb·ft I got a jeep to but no pictures yet.
  13. Fc3sZero

    Silly Ricers

    Yeah that car is pretty riced out. Crazy what people come up with to make it look fast. Although you should probably have a bit more respect for people's vehicles other than vandalize it. Even if it does look that bad. Sooner or later they will grow up and be embarrassed later on in life.