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  1. Hello....nice to meet you here, I am Miss Juliet, I wish we can move on to know each other send me an email at ([email protected]) if only only you care, for me to send to you my photos, and tell you more about myself .



  2. DemonXjR

    Do you play WoW?

    Yea, I play on Doomhammer, we have our own guild, with tabs. We're also making a website.
  3. DemonXjR

    Dog Commits Murder To Bluetooth Headset

    Wish u would have told me bro, dad just got a new one, its called the jawbone, and it is really cool. He gave me the old one and I don't have any problem giving it to you, I don't really need it. You already ordered a new one though, if you want to save some money send it back and i'll give you this one.
  4. DemonXjR


    I cant stand trig, it bothers me. I enjoy calc because it is easy, kind of the oposite from you i guess, lol. You could always try and solve it, I called XGhozt and he didnt even bother to try, lol, how boring.
  5. DemonXjR


    Wasn't sure if you were feeling up to it so I thought I would just post this and see if you could solve it: 1. Under certain conditions the result of the movement of a dissolved substance across a cell's membrane is described by the equation: dy/dt=k(A/V)(c-y) y is the concentration of the suibstance inside the cell, (dy/dt) is the rate at which y changes over time. The letters k, A, V, and c stand for constants, k being the permeability coefficient (a property of the membrane), A the surface area of the membrane, V the cell's volume, and c the concentration of the substance outside the cell. The equation says that the rate at which the concetration changes within the cell is proportional to the difference between it and the outside concentration. With this information you should be able to solve for the equation of y(t) using y0= y(0) (that us supposed to be y at the initial time of 0 is equal to y when the equations variable is substituted with 0). That problem should only take a couple of min, or if u want an easier one you could go for this one: 2. The intensity L(x) of feet light x feet beneath the surface of the ocean satisfies the differential equation: d(L)/d(x)=-kL where k is a constant. As a diver you know from experience that diving to 18 feet in the caribbean sea cuts the intensity of the light in half. You cannot work without artificial light when the intensity falls below a tenth of the surface value. About how deep can you expect to work without artificial light. The second one is alot easier, for those who want to try it think calculus and use derivatives based along the properties of exponential growth and decay.
  6. DemonXjR

    Please Delete My Account

    LOL XGhozt doesn't delete accounts..
  7. DemonXjR

    OMG I am new ;3

    ya welcome to my bro's site, there is nothing like it, at least nothing as good as it, hehe
  8. DemonXjR

    Doom 3

    wow XGhozt ur more social on here then face to face, u also r a little wierder, maybe i shouldnt have come back on here, shivers in fear
  9. DemonXjR

    Trading for a valid GuildWars Key.

    wow, what is guild wars, it sounds expensive and cool
  10. DemonXjR

    [GC] Binder Paper

    what is the piont of this binderr thingy? and how do u guys do it?
  11. DemonXjR

    [Aurora] Changed Background

    i think ur right XGhozt, i have ie 6, i heard bad things about ie 7, and it looks like crap
  12. DemonXjR

    Firefox Weeeee

    SlimBrowser is IE. ^_^
  13. DemonXjR

    Whats Your Ultimate Dream Car?

    ya thats what i said
  14. DemonXjR

    Firefox Weeeee

    lmao, that was funny