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  1. Jezzy


    her middle is Jezzy! and what are GP used for anyways...
  2. Happy Birfday. :P

  3. Jezzy

    Sexy Convo

    I come back to gc and this is what I get?
  4. Jezzy

    My Wii

    So you want that PS3?...
  5. Jezzy

    My Wii

    Don't worry I'll make a smashing video next.. If you didn't know the PS3 doesn't work, it just beeps and blinks red...
  6. Jezzy

    My Wii

    lol, no comment on my Wii????
  7. Jezzy

    My Wii

    My Wii, I think I'm going to put more LEDs in it On the other hand, my piece of shit PS3 I've used my PS3 a lot (from day 1), I also have 3 of them so 1 of them not working is no big deal...
  8. Jezzy

    Ghoztcraft Shoutbox Get's An Overhaul.

    I don't think that would be nice....
  9. Jezzy

    Introducing The Home Page And Blog

    Nice addition to GC.
  10. Jezzy

    Download Mangers

    I would do it.... but I'm not VIP and I don't have 500 posts.
  11. Jezzy

    Indonesia Blocks Youtube

    I just got home from Indonesia.
  12. Jezzy

    Signature Of The Week #7 - Blizzard Game

    Is the closing date of April 9th 2007 a typo? Or was it supposed to be closed before it opened? lol
  13. Jezzy

    Nor'easter 2008

    Everyone in CA can get a ride in my private jet.
  14. Jezzy


    Maybe he was cheating.... lol