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    Cars, street bikes, comp, some gaming , and the most of all [girls]

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  1. M0D3R4Ti0N

    Gta Iv

    So i was bored like always and i was checkin out gta 4 thats coming out tommorow. I cant believe that they added online play so now you can roam around with all your friends (2-16 players). They have over 15 different types of games. The one im lookin most forward too is Free roam. There has said to be where you and your 3-4 friends can get into a pick up and get 6 stars and your friends can sit in the back and shoot out the cops tires and try to get from 1 side of the city to the other without getting killed. The new Gta 4 has 5 different burrows you can play in. Broker, Dukes, Bohan, Algonquin and Alderney. These are based on Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan and New Jersey. I was in a chat for gta fans and some 1 that was on there said that they added new things to the game. For instance all the vehicles and guns are up to date. The chrysler 300 for ex is in the game now and dodge chargers etc.. I CANNOT wait till this game comes out (even though i dont even have a ps3 or xbox 360, which i will be buying tommorow or tues) :o. But yea i was just bored and felt like typing something so here it is. lol, but anyways if anyone else is as stoked as me for this game leave some replys.
  2. M0D3R4Ti0N

    Oh Yes... I'm Like A Infection.

    Welcome to Gc
  3. M0D3R4Ti0N


    Yep im lookin 4ward to sc2 as well ... i only played RE like twice so i cant choose re lol
  4. M0D3R4Ti0N

    Your Connection Was Interrupted

    well thats stupid ...Blizzard psh with there games (Excluding SC2 ;P
  5. M0D3R4Ti0N

    Your Connection Was Interrupted

    well ive been playing for months now and this just started litterally like 45 mins ago...How come blizzard has to be so hard on ppl?
  6. M0D3R4Ti0N

    Your Connection Was Interrupted

    Every time i join a game on Lod like 1 min into the game it says You connection was intterupted...It just started like 20 mins ago and wont stop .. and i waited like 5 mins and its still doing it...does any 1 know how to fix this??