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  1. Union1

    TF2 Playerz

    So now that tf2 has been free for some time, what do you guys think? Any of you actually know of this game?
  2. Union1

    Looking for SC Un-Muted keys

    and in 3 months I will give you starcraft 0 key :o
  3. Union1

    Your Rights are gone

    The American people will not rebel. You kidding me? For a Revolution you need people that don't follow dumb and unconstitutional laws. However, more than 70% of the people I know follow every single rule they know, even if it is completely dumb. So I believe if it goes bad, it will stay bad unless the people awake. If martial law were declared now, there would be some initial resistance, but then it would be dispersed. And why? Because people want to survive and they know they have a higher chance of survival if they do nothing. A bit late reply, but watevs.
  4. Union1

    Starcraft Hacks Free Download

    And I'm looking for a million dollars, wanna trade?
  5. File Name: Race Changer File Submitter: Union1 File Submitted: 03 Sep 2010 File Category: Starcraft Author: Union1 Version: 1.0.2 A host only race changer in lobby. Should work. PM me if it doesn't. I may have fkx sumtin up when I made the release version. Click here to download this file
  6. Union1

    Ask me anything!

    what are all the cd keys you have for games like list the actual numbers? why have us ask u questions?
  7. Union1

    Re-Skinning StarCraft II Units

    o.o can i borrow the elf and send him as a undercover second elf?
  8. Union1

    Re-Skinning StarCraft II Units

    stop giving blizzard great ideas for free, give them a teaser and then force 'em to give u free keys :)
  9. Union1

    Starcraft II Beta Patch 5

    now i cant use infestor to take control of the mothership :P
  10. does this guy have the same ip as the guy who was asking for an SC key for 10,000 keys?
  11. Union1

    Back to the Future

    Well i felt like necroing some one-year-old post and since monki posted the first movie it brought me to this so here it goes. Since the car had the previous destination thing it also remembered what plate of time to return the person to so it was wat happened. I could give you my second answer but it is insainly complicated and involves StarGate so if you want that answer you can reply to my insanely cool necro
  12. Union1

    New CD-key getting you IP banned?

    Not that I know of, what I would do is go buy a 3 dollar diablo 2 cd key
  13. Union1

    New CD-key getting you IP banned?

    This is a known issue, please use the original 13-digit SC keys to connect to battle.net using starcraft
  14. Union1

    My friend needs help with her math.

    yeah ghost you better give me 27 sc2 beta cd keys and 354 wc3 keys
  15. Union1

    My friend needs help with her math.

    Try this: log(base 4) 0.1 = x 4^x = 0.1 4^-2 = 1/16 = 0.0625 4^-1 = 0.25 so we know x is in between 1 and 2 we also know that it is closer to 2 then one so lets try 5/3 4^(-5/3) = 1/cuberoot(4^5) = 1/cuberoot(2^10) = 1/4(cuberoot(4)) approx = 1/99 = approx 0.1