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  1. happy birthday

  2. Aiur

    Ghoztcraft 5000 Post Contest

    Hello everyone. Remember me?
  3. Aiur

    Starcraft new unit

    Too bad it's fake; they were more than what met the eye, too...
  4. Aiur

    hey everyone

    Welcome to Ghoztcraft.
  5. Aiur

    Sup peeps

    Welcome to Ghoztcraft.
  6. Aiur

    IP Banned, i think

    Why would you be IP banned for a simple Trivia bot?
  7. Aiur

    SC hacks for C++?

    Most hacks are made in either C++ or Assembly, but definitely not VB.
  8. Aiur

    Private Server Icons

    Aiur - CHAT Whenever you get around to it.
  9. Aiur

    "Dangerous" hacker on B.Net?

    You haven't told us which gateway he's on. I assume USEast, because that's the one you play on, but give us some specifics, please.
  10. Aiur

    Stupid People on Bnet

    I've got three noob mineral hackers I found on battle.net: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Also, the auto-drop for ZMH users in Oblivion works like a charm. XD
  11. Aiur

    Sexy Convo

  12. Aiur

    zLoader - DLL Injector / Loader

    Not yet. Just be patient and it'll be updated before you know it.
  13. Aiur

    JLane0 / Hip

    Welcome to Ghoztcraft. Also, hi everyone.
  14. Aiur

    learn the secrets of the universe

    I've used that URL so many times to Rick Roll people I don't even have to click it to know.
  15. Aiur

    Hi I'm New

    Welcome to Ghoztcraft!