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  1. nesucks

    Genocide 1.8 spambot ~ warden proof

    Here is a spambot for bnet comes with cdkeys, proxy scanner, and proxy ranges. It also has help text files you should look at if you have ANY problems. If you compare genocide 1.7f source (compiled including api calls etc) to genocide 1.8, you'll notice very little difference and proof that genocide 1.8 is trojan/virus free. Genocide exe passes all virus scans. Genocide 1.7f is one version behind genocide 1.8 and is not warden proof. You should only download genocide 1.7f to see the genocide code and have visual basic installed on your computer. Genocide 1.8 currently is the ONLY warden proof spambot for bnet. Genocide_1.8.zip Geno_1.7f_source.zip
  2. nesucks

    Cdkey generating research

    No, it's the false rumors of me backdooring things. they were spread by fleet/vague and raidenmzx on bnetdev. all lies. all my progs never were backdoored.
  3. nesucks

    Cdkey generating research

    lmfao This prog might show text as blue instead of white, to fix it you can select the text, i'll remake prog so text shows as white instead of dark blue which matches with the background.
  4. nesucks

    Cdkey generating research

    App you'll need: http://home.doramail.com/nesucks%3Adoramai...keyanalyzer.exe Cdkeys are required for certian games to sucessfully login battle.net. Only 1 bot may use 1 cdkey to be logged in (except for sc) on a battle.net realm. If a bot or client tries to log on battle.net when a bot or client is currently logged on using the same cdkey then the login can't be successful. Battle.net returns cdkey in use error. Cdkeys that log in battle.net are hard to attain because they are a unique set of alphanumeric letter (except for sc). There are 2 algorithms or set of algorithms used for cdkeys. One algorithm is the format of the cdkey. This algorithm determines whether the set of alphanumeric (or numeric for sc) can be used to install the game. Nearly all cdkey generators use this algorithm. This algorithm is easy to crack via reverse engineering. The other algorithm is on battle.net itself and can't be viewed. This algorithm only allows only a very small portion of the cdkeys that pass the game algorithm. This is why there are basically no online key generators. Without the algorithm, you do not know if a cdkey works unless you test it on the server. This is a problem because battle.net limits the amount of logins and cdkey tests against a server for a certian period of time. The cdkey has 3 parts. The product, public, private, and checksum values of the cdkey. A game cdkey generator only calculates a cdkey that would result in a proper checksum of the cdkey. This allows you to install the game. For example, the starcraft cdkey's checksum is the 13th digit of the starcraft cdkey. You can make up any 12 digit number and only one number in the 13th digit will work. This means that every 12 digit number combination contains a product, public, and private value. Only certain product values are allowed on battle.net. For example, when a starcraft cdkey is decrypted, only 2 product values are allowed on battle.net. Since there are 100 possible product values, this means that the probability of sending the correct product value to battle.net is 1 out of 50. When you send a product value not allowed on battle.net, the error message "cdkey is for another game" is returned. When the product value is correct, battle.net will only return the messages ["cdkey in use", "cdkey invalid", or "cdkey works"] This means that the cdkey will either work or not ever work. When a cdkey is invalid, either battle.net has temporarily turned it invalid or it is permanently invalid. An invalid cdkey that is permanently invalid means that the product and public value do not match with the private value calculated by battle.net. This means that you have the incorrect private value for that cdkey. Generating the private value is key to generating a working battle.net cdkey. A cdkey can temporarily turn invalid after using it to connect to a battle.net realm to often. -------------------------------------------------------------- Now using key analyzer, download this list of cdkeys. http://home.doramail.com/nesucks3%3Adorama.../cdkeys1pub.txt All of these cdkeys work on battle.net. But if 1 cdkey is in use, all of them will be in use. This is because all of the cdkeys have the same product-public value. All of the private values work because the algorithm for the product-public value works with the private value. Ohh and btw I figured out this about 2-3 years ago before anyone, I've done much more research since then. I have a keygen that does about 1 in 50 chance to generate a cdkey That's how I get 9,000 sc keys working and put 2,000 in genocide. I just remade my scanner and now going to duplicate cdkeys so I'll have about 500k. To bad none of you noobs can have any. I have 500 war3 roc, 250 d2 orig, 20 war2. I'm not even kidding, somebody give me a time to load so i'll show u #400+ @lordaeron / azeroth all never in use cdkeys working. If there is a voided or in use cdkey in my list I delete it. I modded genocide 1.5a to genocide 1.5a`private cdkey scanner and you will never see it. The cdkey gens on here are just shitty random number generators, nobody knows shit about bnet except me. I know tons of exploits too, fucking kids will never figure out.
  5. nesucks

    I want CD key too!

    I've got 500 working rarely in use war3 roc cdkeys. I can load with genocide 1.5a and show u #[email protected] or @lordaeron However, I won't give you any because I'm an ass-hat. Feel free to -rep me for being a show-off attention whore.
  6. nesucks

    Clan Swer

    And all the backdoor does is give the bot operator cdkeys and proxies over bnet. Genocide is going to come with cdkeys, so the bot owner would really just be getting the proxies. The bot owner has every good proxy range on the internet + knows how to get mixed proxies. So the backdoor shouldn't concern you and has been documented so it isn't really a backdoor since backdoors by definition are undocumented. You don't know if another bots are backdoored.
  7. nesucks

    Clan Swer

    Genocide 1.5 is coming out soon with a new set of cdkeys (500) since the old ver got its cdkeys cracked then banned.