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Ghoztcraft joins with GHURadio!

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The Game Hackers Union Radio is back online!


Do you love music, hacking, and awesome people, then come check out the GHUR.


I'm happy to announce that the Game Hackers Union Radio is back online. After some time now we've had the site offline and a temp page up. As everyone knows we've still been dj'ing and getting listeners all while blabbing about the upcoming updates. Well, it's finally here and we're ready to open the site to the public.


There is a radio link in the member bar to start listening right now! The music being played is live music from the Dj. You can post requests and read more about this on the GHURadio website. You can even sign up to be a Dj! Anyone with their own website that is interested in joining with GHUR, please send a PM to an admin on the GHURadio forums.


Source: The GHUR is BACK

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