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Iccup Maphack

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I've made the damn thing not load the anti-hack, but that is a bad thing. Because now it says that you don't have it loaded >_> I'll work on it further tomorrow I guess.

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I'm assuming it watches the offsets used for a mh and when it detects them being messed with it basically crashes you. Think of it like Penguin Plug.

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It doesn't crash you, it just disconnects you from the server. And like I saw somewhere earlier, it's for people who actually want to stay away from hackers. So meh, not gonna mess with it.

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I'd recommend Oblivion over Antarctic. It's map hack is more advanced.

and it's made by a sexy man.




you shouldn't need any extra hacks if you have oblivion, its all in one.


1. General Information


Quick Reference of Hotkeys


- In-Game

F5 Toggle lag defender on/off. (Removes lag box screen)

F6 Use zerg mineral hack exploit on selected larva, hydralisk or mutalisk.

Ctrl + F6 Use zerg building recycle exploit on selected hatchery, lair, spire or creep colony.

F8 Add/Remove unit for auto queue.

Ctrl + F8 Remove all units for auto queue.

F9 Toggle global auto queue on/off.

Ctrl + F9 Toggle subunit auto queue on/off.

F11 Toggle elapsed timer mode forwards.

Ctrl + F11 Toggle elapsed timer mode backwards.

F12 Toggle five-state stat hack forwards.

Ctrl + F12 Toggle five-state stat hack backwards.

~ / Alt Select all units of the same type that are currently selected.

Numpad 0 Use the drone float exploit. (Continues as long as button is held)

Delete Toggle in-game message log.

Pause Pause/Resume game.

Ctrl + F Find and select idle worker.

Insert Toggle three-state maphack forwards.

Ctrl + Insert Toggle three-state maphack backwards.


- Lobby

Page Up / Down Download status spoofer. (Increase / Decrease)

End Refresh the game you are hosting so its on top.



Quick Reference of Commands


- In-Game

/list Show a list of players in the game with player id and race.

/zlist Show a list of players who have used zerg mineral hack exploit.

/kill Kill selected workers.

/hold Command selected units to hold position.

/rally Restore all rally points to default.

/mining Display how much workers you have mining minerals.


- In-Game + Lobby

/mh [num] Set maphack state. (1=off, 2=lite, 3=full)

/sh Toggle selection hack on/off.

/builda Toggle build anywhere on/off.

/warning Toggle warning messages on/off.

/tclicks Toggle maphack target clicks on/off.

/automine Toggle worker auto mine on/off.

/unitalert Toggle unit alert on/off.

/nukealert Toggle nuclear missile alert on/off.

/dropalert Toggle dropship alert on/off.

/autounally Toggle auto unally on/off.

/actlog Toggle in-game action logger on/off.


- Channel

/spoof [name] Spoof a custom name. (Supports color)

/spoof [num] Spoof a saved name. (1 to 5)

/sn [num] Save current spoof name. (1 to 5)

/ln List saved spoof names.

/rn Restore spoofed name to original name.

/cn Display current spoofed name.

/ar Toggle auto respoof on/off. (Default on)

/home Join home channel. (Set home channel in Oblivion.ini)

/uptime Display current system and Oblivion uptime.



Other Features


Start a game without any opponents.

Stay in game even after being defeated.

In-game system and elapsed timers.

Show map download status at all times.

Save screenshots as bitmap's rather than PCX.

Build anywhere on any terrain for stacking UMS maps.

Selection hack with mass select hotkey.

Maphack with safe clicks and state hack.

Nuclear missile alert with map ping on nuke attempt. (not launch)

Dropship alert on unload with map ping.

Ally alert with auto unally/unvision.

Configurable unit alert. (only alerts on enemy units)

Zerg mineral hack exploit detection. (alerts once)

Channel, lobby and in-game chat logger.

Automatically re-queue units. (auto queue)

Automatically create a worker on map begin.

Automatically mine minerals on map begin.

Automatically mine minerals on unit create.

Automatically gain lobby ops. (host hack)

Alliance menu player names are in ally status color.

Lag screen box timer always set to 1 second. (safe quick drop)

On-screen worker idle detection.

Show enemy minimap pings.

Minimap pings are in player color. (yellow is unknown/default)

Player colored minimap pings.

Name spoofer with temp ip ban protection.

Auto join home channel on battle.net login.

Zerg mineral exploit with auto cancel and crash protection.

Drop hack protection with counter drop for leaked ZDropHack.

Warning messages are disabled. (Unit unplaceable messages)

Bypass anti-hack protection when connecting to battle.net.



Name Spoofer Codes


\B Blue.

\G Green.

\L Light Green.

\D Dark Grey. (Later text cannot be changed)

\W White.

\R Red.

\I Invisible/Black.

\T Tab.

\C Center justify.

\V Right justify.



2. Detailed Information


Safe Mode

This will automatically disable several features in Oblivion to make it fully undetectabe to programs such as BWChart. Safe mode disables Stay alive, Drone float, Zerg mineral hack exploit, Zerg building recycle exploit, Maphack target clicks, Auto build, Auto mine, Auto queue, Selection hack and Restore rally points command.


Zerg Mineral Hack Exploit

Provides you with 514 minerals each time this exploit is used on Larva, Hydralisk or Mutalisk, it may also have different effects on the game when used in UMS games. This also comes with auto cancel and crash protection for units that were never canceled and hatched.


Zerg Building Recycle Exploit

Gives you back a drone when used on a Hatchery, Lair, Spire or Creep Colony. You will require 514 minerals + mutating cost to use this exploit, but you will only gain some of your resources back when canceled.


Selection Hack

Allows you to group and select upto 252 units or buildings of the same type and displays an on-screen unit counter when selecting over 12 units. Use the mass select hotkey ~ / Alt to select all units of the same type that you have currently selected.


Auto Queue

Automatically re-queues units once their built, you can add/remove units for auto queue by using the hotkey F8 or Ctrl + F8 to remove all units. To toggle on/off global auto queue for all buildings use the hotkey F9 and for Subunit auto queue use the hotkey Ctrl + F9, if toggled on Scarabs/Interceptors will begin construction immediately until full and will replenish any lost units in combat.



This maphack includes safe clicks (client-sided clicks), state hack (view pylon power radius, unit content, upgrades, researches, summonings, energy, build queue) and has three different modes which are full, lite and off, these modes can be toggled using the /mh command or the hotkeys Insert or Ctrl + Insert. However it is still possible for maphack to be detected through invisible target clicks (right clicks), so this feature has been disabled by default and can be toggled on with the /tclicks command.


Name Spoofer

Comes with temp ip ban protection and will allow you to spoof a name of your choice that is 24 characters or less, use the command /spoof in a channel followed by the name you want. To add color to your name use the escape sequence character ' \ ' followed by a color code found under Name Spoofer Codes. It is important to know when spoofing a name if you win or lose it will result in a disconnect on your record, this is no bug and cannot be fixed. Heres an example on how to add color to your name, "/spoof \RZyna\Bstor" this will show your name as "<Red>Zyna<Blue>stor".



3. History


Version 3.0.4

- Added oblivion safe mode feature.

- Added name saving to name spoofer.

- Added configuration option for selection hack.

- Fixed a bug with selection hack.

- Fixed several other minior bugs.


Version 3.0.3

- Added zerg building recycle exploit.

- Added zerg mineral hack exploit detection.

- Added view pylon power radius to state hack.

- Fixed a crash bug with selection hack when adding units to a group.


Version 3.0.2c

- Fixed a minor bug caused from v3.0.2b update.


Version 3.0.2b

- Added toggle command for warning messages.

- Fixed a bug with chat logger when disabled.

- Fixed a bug with selection hack counter not showing.


Version 3.0.2

- Added selection hack with mass select hotkey.

- Added build anywhere on any terrain for stacking UMS maps.

- Added hotkey to pause/resume game.

- Added configuration option for auto build.

- Added configuration option for 1 sec lag box timer hack.

- Removed multicommand.

- Fixed a crash bug with chat logger.

- Fixed a crash bug with message log.

- Fixed a bug with message log not working in replays.

- Automine now works in UMS maps.

- Subunit auto queue is now on by default in UMS maps.


Version 3.0.1b

- Fixed a bug with automine on create.

- Fixed a crash bug with hold command.

- Fixed a crash bug with mining command.


Version 3.0.1

- Added show enemy minimap pings.

- Added player colored minimap pings.

- Added worker mining count command.

- Added multicommand stay on mode.

- Fixed a crash bug with dropship alert.


Version 3.0.0b

- Added sound when toggling multicommand.

- Fixed a crash bug when pausing the game.


Version 3.0.0

- New version of Oblivion for patch 1.15.1.


isn't that amazing?

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