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Ghoztcraft Updates And Tweaks

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Hey everyone!


I've got some more news for you. I've made various changes around the site which I know you'll love! Everyone, once in a while I spend a few hours working on the site, keeping it sexy, new, interesting and fun to browse; I've changed everything from the downloads to the forums both internal and external. So, I'm not going to list everything, but hopefully you can browse around the site and find the goodies.


So, with that said. I strongly recommend using the Ghoztcraft skin (version 4.7); I've done many changes to it and it looks great. First I'd like to let everyone know that the profile view is done. I've been tweaking it until it was perfect. I changed various other things around the skin which should be very appealing! Eventually this new Profile View will get integrated to the other skins as well!


I almost completely changed the forums. Sections have been renamed, and forums have been moved around, as well as a few new forums and some old one where deleted. No posts where lost, they where either moved to the new appropriate forum or just renamed. So, take a look at the new layout and tell me what you think.


Pay special attention to the following: The new "Clan and Guild Forums", we're now allowing guild and clan leaders to house their clan in our forums! More details coming soon. All the news is now in one general area, we had debated creating a news section for each gaming forum, but that was just ridicules. Please note that new RSS Feeds have been created for the news forums. You can use the RSS feeds to view the most recent news from Ghoztcraft on your favorite reader! Oh, and a new Programming Forum! I'll leave the rest for you to discover.


The Downloads also have some new features. You will now see as "Quick Download" Link at the top of the page, you no longer need to scroll all the way down to find the download link! Also, the screenshots are no longer popups and will open the image inside the window! As depicted in this screenshot: View Image


In the near future we plan to provide game patches and full game demo downloads! So look forward to that one.


The news link at the top of the site now loads the Ghoztcraft News Station forums. Gaming News is not displayed on the main page, but you will find a new image I created which links to the Gaming News section.


An Update to the Ghoztcraft Firefox Addon to accommodate for the recent changes will be released soon.


Have an awesome day gamers!

~ Ghoztcraft Administration.

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nice ghozt...


but its missing something :(



Valve :\



been like 3 weeks!



but its looking good :P

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