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Ghoztcraft Now Hosts Other Clans' Forums

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XGhozt brought up this discussion and we decided we would offer to host any clan's forum now. The clan will get their own section in the Clan and Guild Forums and be able to moderate and control their own section. You can even have your own logo! If you know any clans that may need their own forums please refer them to this topic.


Ghoztcraft offers to host any clan's forum for free. You will have absolute control over your forum section and may make whatever rule you want (as long as they abide by the Global Clan Rules). It will be in this section, The Clan and Guild Forums. Your clan can be based on any game.


If you wish to have your clan forums hosted here then this is where you can submit it. There are no prerequisites to have your own clan section. We only ask that your section remain active. If we notice that your clan section may be dead, we will message you to confirm whether or not your clan is still active


Simply post here your clan name, and the leaders your clan has as well as the moderators you want. Your moderators and leaders will be able to control and moderate your section. After your submission we will work on putting up your section.

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