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What Would You Do For A Klondike Bar?

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The Klondike Adventure

"What would you do for a klondike bar"? That question has never been the same ever since last summer.As a matter of fact, nothing in my life has ever been the same, and it is all thanks to me and my craving for a klondike bar! It sounds ludicrous that a simple ice cream bar could change my life,but,boy....IT DID!


It was a sunny Monday afternoon in May. I was at my local dealer's house going through his collection of bootlegged dvd's to see if I was interested in purchasing any of the latest movies. I found a copy of "Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer" and set it aside, I was going to buy it a long with my fix when me dealer returned from the back room.

Today it was taking abnormally long and I was growing impatient. It was hot, and I wanted my fix-----I had to have my klondike bar! So I made my way into the backroom, the door was locked which worried me a little bit. I knocked and no answer. Thoughts of what could be going on filled my head. Perhaps someone broke in and his holding him hostage? Perhaps the police have barricaded themselves in there with him? Perhaps...perhaps he decided to take his own life... "NO!" I screamed as I kicked the door opened. I would not allow him to die, at least while I wanted a klondike bar!

I walked in prepared for the worse, but somehow this was WORSE than the worse! He was was laying in a fetal position, beating the ground with his fists and crying.

"what is wrong" I asked.

"I've been hit.....They took the whole supply" He responded

I hesitated before answering. "...You mean...they took all the Klondike bars?"

"Yes.. The held me down and stole everything before running out the back" He yelled in anger.

"we have to make them pay. we have to get these fuckers!" He quickly added.


After some time, I was able to calm him down and get to the bottom of things. It turns out, the ice cream man and his band of child dealers were behind this! He already made plans to retrieve his klondike bar supply and then some. But i wanted to help. I wanted to help bad! I wasn't going to leave until he allowed me to help. After all, I still wanted that fucking klondike bar!

"Let me help! I can take these guys!" I begged.

"No, this doesn't concern you James,Go home before you get hurt. The klondike war is very dangerous!" He screamed at me.

"I understand that. But I am prepared to do ANYTHING for a klondike bar!" I said pathetically.

The dealer smirked at me. His eyes narrowed, he looked down and up at me at the same time. He then spoke in a raspy voice "What exactly would you be willing to do for a klondike bar?"

I responded with "ANYTHING...ANYTHING!!!! Why did you ask so dramatically??"

"Well, it appears you may be the one. The one who can finally end this klondike war....But the question is, do you have the guts!" He replied.

"I do.. I do have the guts! I will end this war... I WILL win this! I will get those klondike bars back!!! What do you want me to do first!?" I said.

"Well, you need some practice. So first things first!You gotta kill a couple people......."



To be continued if everybody wants!

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Not all that much. But I'd sell all the blood I can continue to live without for a big box of hollowed out Klondike chocolate shells.

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