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Printf("hai, I Has Wrote Sum Code");

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We are no longer using C#, C, or C++ anymore. As per Microsoft.. we now are in the era of LOLCode : Read link here


>> Each and everyone of you is to stop using known programming methods and and jump onto the new LOLCode.


Example- hai-world


Hello World is pretty much the only way to introduce a language. We see four syntax elements in four lines:

  • HAI and KTHXBYE are the start and stop block delimiters.
  • CAN HAS is a feature request, like require or include.
  • VISIBLE is a print statement.

Learn more about LOLCode

The past few days, I've been working on a .NET compiler for the LOLCode language.


LOLCode is an emerging esoteric (and hilarious) language based on the dialect used in LOLCats images. It's been siezed upon by a group of people (myself included, now), and is being expanded into a real, workable, turing complete esoteric language (though nobody has proven its turing completeness yet!).


The LOLCode.NET compiler is now working, and as a nearly-free bonus for using the .NET platform, you can even debug it in Visual Studio: VSDebug1.png




I still can't believe I'm looking at LOLCode and its x86 disassembly in Visual Studio.

Read more


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LOL! at LOLCode. I can't believe this is real, and that Microsoft is promoting it (not that the language is a bad thing, it just doesn't seem like this would be something that would happen)

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Funny how I've already posted it yet no one cared to look at it or hardly respond to the thread.. This is old.

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