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Version: 1.15.2

Author: Nano351

Category: 1.15.2





Host Tools 1.01includes:-Race Changer - changes human player's races-Computer Opener - opens computer slots-Quick Refresh - a tool to help refreshing quickly-Open Forcer - opens a human's slot without kicking him

Host Tools 1.01

by nano351




-Race Changer - changes human player's races

-Computer Opener - opens computer slots

-Quick Refresh - a tool to help refreshing quickly

-Open Forcer - opens a human's slot without kicking him



-Race Changer:

press the numberpad key (1-8) corresponding with their slot to get control over their race. After you are done changing races press numpad 9 to go back to your slot (as long as you are the true host it will work now). If you don't go back to your slot you will desynch.

-Computer Opener:

press the numpad key (1-8) corresponding with either an open slot or a computer slot to switch it between being open or computer

-Quick Refresh:

press the numpad subtract key to turn all open slots to close and then press it again to turn all closed slots to open. This should refresh your game.

-Open Forcer:

to use the open forcer first get race changing power on the slot you want to switch to open without kicking the player in it. Then press the numpad key for the slot again and it will open and that person will still be in the game. You can also use numpad addition key to force open all human slots (except your own).


change list:


-fixed some minor coding issues with switching to player 4's slot

-improved slot jumpback

-added open forcer

-added mass open forcer hotkey


Initial release (updating from RaceChanger 1.01)

special thanks to:

Drakken for dll template

and anyone who helped me learn asm/ find offsets


The download does not include an injector. You can download one like zLoader elsewhere.


Download The File


Submitted by casnipe, on Mar 31 2008, 08:11 PM

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