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Welcome To The Ghoztcraft Blog!

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Introducing the Ghoztcraft Blog. :thumbsup:


The Ghoztcraft Blog is a new addition to the website. It officially begins once the new home page design is complete. A new rule will be set into place for all staff members active at Ghoztcraft. All Staff members are now required to post at least once per month in the blog. It will be approved and edited before it's displayed. On the blog, anyone can post in it or reply to an entry. All posts and replies are moderated!


I hope you guys enjoy the home page and our new blog! You can post about your daily life, things around Ghoztcraft, Gaming Rumors or news, interesting topics and otherwise something you'd like people to read. Please note that this is a BLOG, so your opinion on whatever you're posting must be extensive.


Post here any questions you may have.

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