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Create your own MaNGOS 2.4.3 Server

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Credits go to Iris




This repack uses a fully updated UDB and scriptdev2.


Download the noobpack:







Install instructions:


1) Extract the repack to an empty folder, move the "maps" folder and "ad.exe" to C:Program FilesWorld of Warcraft and run ad.exe. When it's done, move them back.


2) Run "mysql" then "restarter"


3) Set your realmlist to and run wow. Log in with username "0", "1", "2", or "3". The higher the number, the higher the GM level. Password is same as username.




Creating more accounts:

With the server running, select the mangosd window and type "create usernamehere passwordhere" to make a new account, "setbc usernamehere 1" to enable TBC, and "setgm usernamehere X" where X is 0, 1, 2 or 3.


GM commands, teleport codes, and creature/model ID's:

MaNGOS GM Commands, MaNGOS GM Teleport Codes, and MaNGOS creature lookup tool (have the server running to use this)


Connecting to the database:

Run a SQL client like SQLyog and log in to localhost ( with username 'root' and password 'root'.


Changing the realm name:

Open "realmlist" table in the "realmd" database and change the "name" cell to the desired realm name.


Allowing others to connect to the server:

Open "realmlist" table in the "realmd" database and change the "address" cell to your external IP, then, if applicable, forward ports 3724 and 8085 on your router and/or firewall.




I can't extract the repack

You need to download winrar. Once it's installed, right click the archive and click "Extract Here".


The mysql console closes as soon as I open it.

You have another copy of MySQL running already. You need to disable or uninstall it before running the included mysql server. To do this, press ctrl+alt+del and click task manager. Open the "Processes" tab and sort by "image name". Find the one that starts with "MySQL", click it, and click End Process. If there is no other MySQL server running, you're getting another error. Please save this batch script to your mangos folder, run it, take a screenshot, and post it here.


Ad.exe isn't working/I can't extract my maps

Make sure you followed Step 1 exactly. The /maps/ folder and ad.exe must be in /World of Warcraft/ to begin extraction, and be moved back to /MANGOS/ afterward for Step 2.


MSVCR71.dll cannot be found

Download MSVCR71.dll and place it in c:windowssystem32 . MSVCR71.dll is a Visual C runtime file, that may not be included with some versions of some operating systems.


I can connect to and view the realmlist, but the realm says "offline" and I can't connect to it

Check the restarter.exe and mangosd.exe windows. Make sure the server isn't crashing and just reopening itself every few seconds and that it has finished loading. If it is, make sure /maps/ is in the same folder as mangosd.exe. If That doesn't fix the issue, save this batch script to your mangos folder, run it, take a screenshot, and post it here.


Credit to lordtom for noobpacking materials.

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