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Silly Ricers

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My friends and I were walking out of Best Buy, we start getting in his Mustang, and this fucking ricer Honda Hatchback, no hubcaps, ricer exhaust, pulls up:

They: Hey, you wanna race?

My friend Marc: Uh, no, not really

They: Whaaat? You think you can take me?

Marc: Yeah, but i'm not racing tonight

They: Check this switch out! *Driver hits some button, idk what it did, and he grabs a can of spray (idk what it was) and he sprays it out his window.

-He tried to make it look like he was purging Nitrous, and my other friend Brian, starts laughing and he goes: Hahaha, I can see a can of spray right there!

They just did a "burnout" and left lol

Then they drove over to some light pull, his friend hopped out and started humping it, and got back in.

I think that this is one of those "You had to be there for it to be funny" things.


Has any here had any experiences with ricers before?

On that note, check these videos out :D


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Yeah that car is pretty riced out. Crazy what people come up with to make it look fast.


Although you should probably have a bit more respect for people's vehicles other than vandalize it. Even if it does look that bad. Sooner or later they will grow up and be embarrassed later on in life.

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