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Version: 0.5.2

Author: MasfterofChaos

Category: 1.16





Windows Mode and game launcher.

Replacement for BWLauncher 4

To load Bwlauncherplugins not included in this package simply put them in the launcher directory. AdvLoader-Plugins have to be in the Plugins directory in your starcraftfolder.


Included Plugins:

W-Mode by XeNotRoN

Chaosplugin 0.8.5 for 1.16.0

LatencyChanger 0.2.2 for 1.16.0



W-Mode works with all SC-Versions


the other plugins are not yet updated for 1.16.0


Betaversion - May still contain bugs

Like every 3rd partytool working together with Starcraft there is a small risk, that blizzard decides to invalidate the users Accounts/CD-Keys.



Download The File


Submitted by XGhozt, on Dec 30 2008, 06:49 PM

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Thread is full of win.


iCCup comes with ChaosLauncher automatically, I reccomend you get iCCup launcher, it has built in hack detection + Liveapm.


Though this works fine too.


First line.

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Chaos Launcher is crap? Your either ignorant, or misinformed.


Chaos Launcher is the EXACT SAME as the Starcraft origional Launcher, except that it crash's less :P, it also has PLUGIN CAPABILITY(Bonus? I think so.) Which includes LiveAPM for aspireing progamers, and window mode for UMS players.


Chaos Launcher is an excellent program.


Thread is still full of win.

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