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Google for the whole theme thing. I don't trust any vista themes but there might be some that aren't full of viruses.


Wallpapers can do.

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I found this vista wall paper, and I absolutely loved it:






Uploaded by none other than, me. -_-

The first one is my favorite.

As for vista themes, you could always try out the brico pack. I personally have never tested it out, but my friend at school has it.



If you don't want that, go here:

http://www.stardock.com/ Download Window Blinds

Then go here:


Install Window Blinds, then install that theme. If you don't like that one, look around on their website. Do note that Window Blinds can be a resource hog, but I hardly notice it at all, and I run 256 RAM with a 2.2 single core

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The stardock and wincustomize (back when i used it in 2000 and XP) always lagged my system... mostly because my computers were SHIT. But besides the system, lots of the themes are seriously amazing.

I'd stick with themes meshed with the original system one, even hacked in, rather than using separate programs... But that's just me.



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