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Need a -BOT GUIDE- and CD-Keys pls :)

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Hey GC, been a while, missed you guys.


I just started a new clan, called StarCrack(Well, me and my boy's did). And we need to get ahold of a bot, and some working CD-keys(Unmuted pls :P)


So how bout it? i got 1 Diablo 2 Expansion CD-key. But I dont know if that will do the trick :S!


So, if anyone here knows how to set up a bot, I would highly apreciate it if you would hook me up with a guide, or some of your learnings :)


Also, I would really apreciate some non-muted CD'keys.


So any help would be apreciate :), thanks so much guys!!

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Thanks anyway guys. I figured it out on my own.


Im running dual Stealthbots through WC3 & D2. Its very flexible, very easy to set up, and you can script your own commands. Pretty sexy stuff haha.


I also got the CD keys :P, thanks though.

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