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Assassins Creed 2

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hello people of GC, long time no see, i have had a few problems over the last year and havnt really been able to come and say hello as much as i liked to, so here i am! while i was away though i did play assassins creed. i must say i am very pleased with the outcome of the game. and yea i know its been out for quite a while, but its the first game i have ever played like this and i really quite enjoyed it, except for the repeating of missions, that got a bit boring.




i just heard/saw that assassins creed 2 is in development, and i just really wanted to know if, any of you guys have ever even plyed assassins creed, and if so, what you think would be good for the second installment.


i have a few ideas that i believe would be a really good addition to the game


1. more side missions, varied between areas.


2. more ways to kill the enemy (more weapons)


3. actually get to use that crossbow of altaires back in the first AC trailer


4. (i know they are talking about it but) be able to swim


5. level up! then choose which technique to learn. i.e. more knives, faster reflexes, bigger sword, faster knife throwing,


6. multiple enemy targeting


7. better camera positions when killing


8. maybe have other assassins by your side to help you out.


9. difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard, real assassin.


10. better running graphics


11. finally have the ability to jump of a building and use your hidden knife to kill the enemy


so... whats your ideas?


once agan hello!

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Longer gameplay in the mainstory line, more areas, more guards, and I'd like it to be in the same timeline.

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They should be getting multiple orgasms.

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