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Happy Easter '09

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Hello everyone, :hi:


The Administration and Staff here would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter from Ghoztcraft.net. Happy Easter everybody! This is the day I go to church, sometimes by force, come home, sleep for about 5 hours, wake up, eat some chocolate, eat some ham, eat the rest of the chocolate, drink a bottle of wine (or milk!). I Hope you have a great Easter, remember it's not all about candy and eggs. It's about candy, eggs, and rabbits. Well, no, it's really about the big guy, that's right, J.C.


Have fun eatin' ur rabbits.

Ghoztcraft Staff

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Lol I love chocolate.

And bunnies.

Especially the chocolate bunnies. :o


Too bad Zar can't eat them. Diet. :P

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Last time I am going to say it...

I am Eastern Orthodox, NOT Catholic. So we celebrate Easter next Sunday (April 19th).

This is how we celebrate it: (me, my family, and my other friends who are Eastern Orthodox as well).


We get a bunch of eggs (around 20 or so). Then we boil them all. After they are boiled we use egg dye or w/e it's called, and we dye them all different colors, while putting Crosses and other religion related symbols on them.


Then each person picks an egg from the pile, and one person holds the egg very still having the very top of the egg showing, while the other person uses the top of his egg to hit the egg that is being held at place, by the other person's hand.


Then we do the same for the bottoms.


After that the immediet family uses all the eggs it has prepared to play this little game, until one egg is left from the pile, standing as the champion....And then we have little tournaments with other people, it's a lot of fun. :P


So yeah...We don't do the usual egg hunting or w/e, because that's not in our religion, but anyways you guys probably understood nothing of what I just said, so I will take pics next week, and post them up so you get a better understanding. :o

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