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Hero Editor

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Hero Editor

Version: 1.0.3

Author: ZonFire

Category: 1.12a







Hero Editor for 1.12a

Allows you to edit your Diablo II Character.


Hero Editor version 1.03 for editing Diablo II LOD and NOX V1.03, V1.07, V1.09D, V1.10, V1.11b and V1.12 (and V1.10s beta) haracter Files and Items (offline/SinglePlayer and Open only).


Download the ZIP file into a new directory. UNZIP it. There should be three files ("setup.lst", "setup.exe", "Hero Editor.CAB"). Run (double click) the"setup.exe" file (or just "setup", if you have known file extensions hidden), and follow the directions (Click on the big button, on the left side). BTW, if a message comes up re “Version Conflict”, answer yes (to keep the newer file that you already have).


Hero Editor usually requires that you are using an English version of Windows and your computer is set for single byte letters/Unicode, NOT multiple byte letters/UniCode. (NOTE: I have never had this problem, but others tell me this solved the problem for them.) From your Control Panel (Start > Settings > Control Panel) run Regional Settings, look for something about Unicode. Make sure the Unicode setting is for single bytes. Also (MOST IMPORTANT for Win XP/Vista) make sure that you have the language setting for English (in BOTH the Regional Options tab, and the Advanced tab). If using WinXP, it might also help to right-click on Hero Editor.exe, select Properties, and in the Compatibility tab, select Windows 95 mode. If NOT set correctly, you will probably get error messages such as "unknown stat found: 21".


Download The File


Submitted by XGhozt, on May 8 2009, 01:22 AM

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