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Dear Freebord Forums

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[2 minutes ago] dragoonerzerg: and lots and lots of them are fucking assholes. freebord = awesome. freebord community = fucking unfriendly and sucks. they all do drugs too. dumb crack addicts. what a shitload of fuck. Ghoztcraft is much better. i missed you guys

[3 minutes ago] dragoonerzerg: i registered and use that forum lately to hang out and chit chat and get some advice on freebord (which i viciously want to get)

[4 minutes ago] dragoonerzerg: freebord forums (there is no a in bord) is fucking harsh

[48 minutes ago] AychJee-Bounder-Secks: Bored loli is bored

[Today, 02:43 PM] ViperSRT3g: Hahaha, silly Blizz

[Today, 02:30 PM] Monki: and its only 4:30 PM for me

[Today, 02:29 PM] Monki: i never used ScGaurd

[Today, 02:29 PM] Monki: lol

[Today, 02:28 PM] Major Zhuinden: There was a new update today between 6 PM and 10 PM.. now it's 11:30 PM.

[Today, 02:21 PM] Monki: lol really?

[Today, 02:20 PM] Major Zhuinden: SCGUARD IS DETECTED

[Today, 01:56 PM] Major Zhuinden: ㅑ ㅊ무 애 솜ㅅ 새ㅐ...



now i understand that not ALL of them are douchebags or fuckballs. some are pretty nice and welcoming.




the rest are just a bunch of cockadookie sucking a footlong dick out of buffalo's ass.



your 1 week lasted former freebord forum member,






TO THE Ghoztcraft MEMBERS! http://www.freebord.com/forum/showthread.php?t=21076 one of the post on the 1st page openly states that Ghoztcraft is full of 10 year olds. according to that person's opinion anyways, now if u guys dont give a shit about that statement, thats fine but really there is just pure fagbags at freebord forums. low budget anyways...



SCGuard is DETECTED! use with caution!

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Perhaps they felt your posts were nothing but spam on their forums?

everyday stuff like youtube videos.


i ask question regarding which freebord version should i purchase. stuff like that.


;o like what the fuck is that shit?

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rofl. I didnt know I was around the age of 10-12. Learn something new everyday. And wtf is with those people. Take a fucking chill pill. Cant people understand that those vids of posted to make an lol rofl. Apparently not.

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