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Ghoztcraft Mobile - Beta

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Hey people,


I just made Ghoztcraft work on my phone and I want others to test and see if it works on their phone too. I don't think it will work with smart phones or iphones using safari or opera mini/mobile. But anyone using a crappy phone with crappy browsers like windows mobile with internet explorer or some nokia phone or something should see it.


All you do is go to www.Ghoztcraft.net on your mobile device, and it will redirect you to a mobile page. Login on this page, and after it redirects you a few times you should be logged in. Then you'll be able to browse the forums in a lo-fi version, and post replies. You can also view the last 20 posts on the mobile page.


It's all still beta, so please use it and test it out. See how practical it is. Either way it's better than loading the whole site on your phone.


Here are some screenshots:








Currently, there is no logout button, and no way to create new topics. You can only login, read, and reply.

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Yeah.. just use your computer?


Honestly, there's no point in using the non-pc version. Download the browser opera-mini, that works the best. Opera Mini

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Only forced mobile version from home page.

After logged in, you can view full or mobile.

Clicking "View Full Version" from lo-fi pages will not redirect mobile users.

Changed width of input boxes.



Try now iPhone users.

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