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Warcraft 3 Custom Models & Skins

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You can make your own Models & Skins in warcraft 3 for your maps, the best part is it doesn't cost SHIT!


You can download the MPQ Reader (Which allows you to open premade units like footmen, orcs etc and convert them to mdl format) at:





Next, we need the actual modeling program itself, Vertex Modify:



-You can open a .mdl file in this program, right click to select left click to move.

-Click 'Snap' to connect multiple nods

-Select, Add, Delete, Rotate, Scaling are included.




This is Basicly all you need. There are In-depth tutorials to help get you started at:








Hiveworkshop also has a lot of premade models like Sponge Bob, Starcraft, Diablo, and Army stuff.


Here is a screen shot of a Battle Cruiser model in wc3:





& here is a screen shot of Link from The Legend of Zelda:



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Yea man, just trying to get a discussion for people on this topic so they can share information from one another. Right now I'm working on a Homer Simpson model.

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