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Guidelines to read before requesting.

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Some guidelines/rules to follow.


1) State the full title and creator in the topic description.


2) Always get permission from the owner. If you don't get permission, they have the right to have it taken down.


3) Credit/link back to the original owner's dA or website.


4) No nudity/inappropriate images.


5) Keep in mind quality while uploading.


6) This isn't a place to request a tutorial. That can be done in the Graphics Discussion section.


7) State what the tutorial is on in the title.


8) Try and host images on a hosting site where you're sure they won't be deleted. I use imageshack, but if there are better, feel free to suggest them to me.


9) Use the following:

[PS] for Photoshop.
[GIMP] for Gimp.
[GFX] for other Graphics-related programs(state which program within the post).
[PHOTO] for Photography
[OTHER] for any others(state which within the post).


This is what your topic title/description should look like.



Description: R2K's Spiderman Lighting tag.


Title: [Photography]HDR photos.

Description: Viper's mountain tutorial on HDR.



PM me with questions/suggestions.

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Rule 8

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