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Connecting to server...

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: ???

Stranger: hi asl plz

You: why?

Stranger: idk

You: Does it matter/

Stranger: a lil

You: how so?

You: This is why I hate men. All guys want is sex and a hook up over some stupid chat site.

Stranger: no

Stranger: thats not me

Stranger: im fuckin 14

You: Then why does it matter my a/s/l?

Stranger: idk

Stranger: i just always ask

Stranger: see if they r my age

You: Because... it matters

You: Haha.

You: Try next time

You: How old are you/

You: Thats a lot more appropriate.

Stranger: so?

Stranger: mabe if its a guy i can be like do u bmx

You: Nah. I don't think so. And for the record, I also bmx.

Stranger: and if its a girl i can ask them how was their day and what they like in guys

You: See

You: That's so sexist.

You: You are an idiot my good Sir.

You: Just like every other man.

Stranger: no im not

You: I'm ?

Stranger: thats not wat my gf says

You: Who?

You: Fisty?

You: hahha

You: Honey, the only action you've ever seen is your right hand.

You: BUt I doubt that's the case anymore.

You: I heard it's going for some other guy...

Stranger: i have a girl friend im a freshman

Stranger: so yea if u could stop

Stranger: and actually be nice

You: why?

You: Because... All girls are supposed to be nice?

Stranger: no?

You: Who said I was being mean sweety?

You: I just tell it like it is.

You: I'm sorry if the truth hurts.

Stranger: well im not what ur accusing me of

Stranger: im not a perv

Stranger: im 14

Stranger: i dont masterbate

Stranger: and i dont go for guys

Stranger: so yea

You: Honey, age has nothing to do with you being a perv.

You: I've seen 6 year olds rape other people before; it's on the news all the time.

Stranger: ok first of all if i was a perv id be askin for cams

Stranger: im not

You: Nope. Not true.

Stranger: and id ask if u were orny

You: Pervs exist in many fashions.

Stranger: and im not

Stranger: yea and im not 1 of them

You: You are definitely a perv.

Stranger: no

You: Oh no, you are.

You: Trust me.

Stranger: i respect girls

You: You are a total creeper.

Stranger: def not

You: And quite desperate too.


You: that's a creeper and a sheer desperation

Stranger: not really

You: Yeah entierly.

You: Honey, I bet you all of the internet will back me up.

Stranger: im sayin plz so wat its a nice meaning

Stranger: not really

You: Have you heard of Digg.com?

Stranger: most of it will back me up

Stranger: no i havent

You: Then pretty much none of the internet has your back.

Stranger: yea they do

You: Oh yeah, I forget... The internet cares about 14 year old boys...

You: The internet cares about women too!

Stranger: im just tryin to make some friends

You: THE INTERNET CARESSS oh how careless of me to have forgotten.

You: Well I think we are pretty good friends babe.

You: I'll put this on Digg.com though and let others give some input.

You: <3

Stranger: y r u being so meanStranger: all i did was ask u couldve just said no

Stranger: and i wouldve been like ok

Stranger: wats up

You: Honey, the world isn't based on what could have

You: happened

You: It's based on what did.

Stranger: no thts wat i always say

You: The fact is you are a total creeper

You: Oh no, just because you say it doesn't mean it's true.

Stranger: y r u callin a 14 yr old a creeper

You: Perhaps if you knew my true identity you would have disconnected.

Stranger: i dont really care

Stranger: i dont disconnect

Stranger: people

You: But you care enough to make me think differently of you?

Stranger: yea

You: To try to make*

Stranger: cuz i dont like it when people call me names

You: And this care... You care enough about your own image?

You: haha baby, I'm an online person.

You: You'll never meet me.

Stranger: so u wanna put this on a wb site

Stranger: and im not trying to do anything all i did was ask and u made this huge fuss bout it

You: Yes I will here is your reference code: 14yocreeperonomeglelol14

You: Copy that code down

You: and search it

You: Google's index should return the chat log.

You: As I doubt that's actually any where on the web except for now

Stranger: nothing came up

You: Search it tomorrow though because they update the database every 24 hours or so

You: Yeah you'll have to wait.

Stranger: cant u just plz stop

Stranger: i didnt do anything

Stranger: and ur postin this shit all over the web like im a child molester

You: Well you pretty much are putting words in your own mouth.

Stranger: no im not

You: I never called you a child molester but hey if you are and that floats your boat cool man.

Stranger: im not

Stranger: stop

Stranger: just plz stop

You: Done!

Stranger: ok ok i gotta calm down

Stranger: all i am is a 14 yr old boy

Stranger: and 1 person out of billions is calling me a creeper

You: Yep. But now everyone thinks you are a creeper.

Stranger: not so true


Stranger: i dont have a care in the world

You: you sshould

Stranger: oh and whys that

You: Now everyone knows you are a creeper, a perv, child molester and all by the age of 14!

Stranger: #1 i gave u a fake age

You: No you didn't.

Stranger: #2 i didnt give you my name

Stranger: yea i did

You: Yes you id.

Stranger: i never gave my name out

You: mm

You: i dont need it

You: I have your IP address

Stranger: wats that?

Stranger: wats an IP address

You: http://proslasher.info/chattest

You: go there it tells you about ips

You: My bad

You: http://whatsmyip.net

You: see the numbers on top?

You: thye are a number that identifies your cmoputer

You: computer

You: It looks like

You: Your computer is this:

You: Which should match those on top I believe if I'm rihgt

Stranger: this isnt even my computer

You: Hey how's the weather in MA?

You: Yeah it is.

You: I see your computer.

Stranger: no its not

You: It doesn't matter.

You: It's still where you are located.

You: How's the weather in MA?

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I hate the type of women you just played



no respect for bitches, feminists

they need to get bitch slapped and make us men a sammich

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I hate the type of women you just played



no respect for bitches, feminists

they need to get bitch slapped and make us men a sammich



Never did I reveal what sex I was. ^_^


And no... sudo make me a sandwich.

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That, my friend, was the most epic conversation I have ever set my eyes on. Poor guy, now everyone knows hes a perv. XD

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