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Stroh's Build+Summon Exploit

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Stroh's Build+Summon Exploit

Version: 1.0.0

Author: Stroh

Category: v1.24d





Create buildings and spam summoner spells.

HowToUse (Buildexploit)


- Create any building

- Select it and hold CTRL/STRG/Control key

- Click Cancel

->Building will now be invulnerable


I suggest using orc or elf towers, since they start attacking immediately.

Note: However, the tower dies as soon as the target is destroyed or is out of range.


HowToUse (Summon Exploit)


- Choose a hero with a summoner spell

- Choose summon spell, i.e waterelemental

- Use the summoner spell, for example: waterelemental, click and hold CTRL/STRG/Control key.

- Do the same spell quickly again (spam it!)


You should now have bypassed the cooldown.


Download The File


Submitted by XGhozt, on Feb 7 2010, 01:39 PM

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