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Version: 1.2

Author: Funs/Pwoap

Category: v1.24d






First of all this hack is combined with dropBNet so I bet it is detected, without dropBNet.


Funsmaphack 1.2

* shows units on map

* on minimap too

* reveals illus

* reveals invis

* clickable units with inventory

* shows runes (not clickable and in fog)

* view skills and cooldowns [NEW]

* added camera distance hack [NEW]


Clicking on the Hack, should automaticly lunch the dropBNet thing!

(If not activate show hidden files in your explorer)



* edit settings.txt to your realm

* run Funsmaphack.exe -AS ADMINISTRATOR- after game starts (cause of dropBNet)

* make sure you CLOSE Wc3 after every game (or BAN!)


Best go and learn how dropBNet works (sticky). Then nothing can go wrong and you don´t need to fear a ban.




Credits go to

* Tyrano and his offsets

* sd333221 and his opensource maphack

* Darimus and his dropBNet2.exe


NOTE: This was just made to overbridge the time, when there is no show invi units for 1.24d. This will be deleted, when one of the big names update (e.g. Tyrano) updated their MHs (thanks to them).




Anubis - Analysis Report



Funs a.k.a. Pwoap


Download The File


Submitted by XGhozt, on Feb 7 2010, 01:44 PM

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