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Inventory Hack

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Inventory Hack

Version: Beta

Author: Hypn

Category: 1.13





Put items in your stash and cube from anywhere.

Inject the DLL by running "DrDan.exe", then press "Delete" to view your stash

and "Insert" to view your horadric cube (even if you haven't gotten it in the game



You can only put items in your stash if you're in town, but you can put items in your

horadric cube from anywhere. You can swop items in either, even if you're not in

town (to get items out, or put bigger items in free space).


Briefly tested on BattleNet beta server, without getting banned, though you'll get

disconnected if you try and take something out of your stash or horadric cube

(without opening them like you're meant to).


It also bugs out if you have your stash open, and make it show your cude, etc.


Video demo:


Greets / Thanks:

* Drakken - DLL template (still being used after all these years)

* KcDan - DrDan Loader

* Perma - always an inspiration

* GameThreat.net - love you long time <3



Download The File


Submitted by XGhozt, on Feb 20 2010, 12:38 AM

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